2001 Mississippi Ag Reports

Date Volume Contents
December 07, 200101-22Cotton Ginnings, Monthly Farrowings, Farm Raised Catfish, Egg Production, Commercial Red Meats, Federally Inspected Slaughter, Dairy Products, Price Highlights
November 23, 200101-21Annual Wage Rages, Wage Rates, Type of Workers, Population Profile by County, Population by State, Planted Acreage, Milk Cows and Production
November 15, 200101-20Cotton & Soybean Forecast, Cotton Ginnings, Cotton: Cumulative Boll Counts, Poultry Slaughtered, Corn for Grain, Cotton: Area Harvested, Rice: Area Harvested, Price Highlights
October 26, 200101-19Net Farm Income for States, Cotton, Production Cost & Returns, Sorghum, Production Cost & Returns, Soybean, Production Costs & Returns, Commercial Red Meat Production, Cold Storage, Monthly Cash Receipts for Livestock
October 22, 200101-18Cotton & Soybean Forecast, Cotton Ginnings, Chicken Eggs in Incubators, Cotton Chemical Applications, Soybean Chemical Applications, US Cotton Supply and Use, Inspected Shipments, Livestock Slaughtered, Eggs: Production
September 28, 200101-17Wheat: Acreage Distribution, Cotton Ginnings, Mississippi's Rank Among States, Stocks of Grain, US Per Capita Consumption, Grade A Dairy Herds, by County, US Farm Raised Catfish, Price Highlights
September 17, 200101-16Cotton & Soybean Forecast, Cash Receipts, Farm Output, Expenses & Income, Chicken & Eggs, Catfish, Farm Workers, Price Highlights
August 16, 200101-15Corn Acreage & Production, US Field Crops, Winter Wheat Acreage & Production, All Cotton Acreage & Production, Soybeans Acreage & Production, Rice Acreage & Production, Farm Computer Usage, Price Highlights
August 10, 200101-14Cotton County Estimates, Soybeans: Double Cropping, Grain Stocks, Pecans: Production and Value, Average Lifetime in Years, Resident Population by Age, Monthly Farrowings
August 1, 200101-13This report contains results of the Catfish Growers, Survey, July 2001. We appreciate the cooperation of the Mississippi catfish growers with this survey.
July 05, 200101-12Sweet Potatoes, Winter Wheat, Rice County Estimates, Principal Crops, Young Chickens Slaughtered, Corn and Sorghum Acres, Soybean and Cotton Acres, Monthly Price Highlights
June 07, 200101-11Hired Workers, Cotton Large Boll Counts, Upland Cotton Fertilizer Use, Number of Active Gins, Rice Fertilizer and Pesticide Use, Soybean Fertilizer and Pesticide Use, Price Highlights
May 16, 200101-10Upland Cotton, Cotton Ginnings, Population by County, Population Largest Counties,
US Metropolitan Population, Hay Stocks
May 04, 200101-09Broilers, Chickens Lost, Sold for Slaughter, US Total Farm Business, US Farm Service Agency, Cattle and Calves Inventory, Dairy Plants, Cattle and Calves Production, Price Highlights
April 30, 200101-08Floriculture, Prices Received by Farmers, Livestock County Estimates, Grade A Dairy Herds, US Meat Supply and Use, Milk Cows
April 19, 200101-07Grain Stocks, US Farm Income Statistics, Hay Stocks, Rough Rice, US Farm Raised Catfish, Cotton Bales Ginned, US Farm Economy
April 03, 200101-06Corn County Estimates, All Cattle and Calves, Soybean County Estimates, Soybean Average Yields, Sorghum County Estimates, Sorghum Average Yields, Price Highlights
March 12, 200101-05Hired Workers, Sweet Potatoes, Sorghum for Grain, Cotton Price per Pound, Soybeans for Beans, Winter Wheat, Corn For Grain, Honey: Number of Colonies, US Price Highlights
March 01, 200101-04Catfish: All Foodsize Sales, Catfish Inventory, Catfish Water Acres by County, Catfish Foodsize Sales by County, Catfish: Quantity Processed U.S., Average Price Paid to Producers
February 26, 200101-03Watermelons for Fresh Market, Wheat County Estimates, Broiler Type Chicks Hatched, Immigrants Admitted, Crop Prices Received by Farmers, US Broiler Exports, Number of Farms, US Price Highlights
February 02, 200101-02Cattle Operations, Cotton Ginnings, Grain Stocks, Rough Rice, Hay Stocks, Hogs and Pigs,
Milk Cows and Production, Pecans Utilized Production, Farm Raised Catfish
January 22, 200101-01Corn Production, Cotton Ginnings, Cotton Production, Sorghum Production, Soybean Production, Rice Production, Hay Production, Sweet Potato Production, Planted and Harvested
Acres, US, Price Highlights