2000 Mississippi Ag Reports

Date Volume Contents
December 19, 200000-19Farm Raised Catfish, Cotton Ginnings, Pecans Utilized Production, Hired Workers,
Average Number of Layers, Market Eggs, Commercial Red Meat, Agricultural Exports,
Price Highlights
November 9, 200000-18Cotton & Soybean Forecast, Cotton Ginnings, Cotton Chemical Applications,
Soybean Chemical Applications, Farm Raised Catfish, US Agricultural Exports,
Chicken Eggs, Price Highlights
October 18, 200000-17Cotton & Soybeans by Districts, Cotton Ginnings, Pecans Utilized Production, Nitrogen
Application, Phosphate Application, Potash Application, Livestock and Poultry Record
Record Highs and Lows
October 3, 200000-16Poultry Slaughtered, US Agricultural Exports, Field and Livestock Workers
Hired Workers, US Farm Sector Income, Grains Stocks, Farm Raised Catfish,
Price Highlights
September 20, 200000-15Rank Among States in Agricultural, Value Added to the US Economy, Hay Stocks
on Farms, Rough Rice Stocks in All Positions, Soybeans: Monthly & Annual Prices,
Cotton: Monthly & Anual Prices, Rice: Acreage, Yield, Production, Hay: Acreage, Yield,
Production, Price Highlights
August 21, 200000-14Corn Acreage & Production, Winter Wheat Acreage & Production, All Cotton Acreage &
Production, Soybean Acreage & Production, Rice Acreage & Production, Value of Crop
Production, Cash Receipts, US Field Crops
August 9, 200000-13Cottonseed Production, Cotton Bales Ginned, Number of Farm Operators, Age,
Contract Value, Milk Cows and Production, Crop Record Highs and Lows,
Irrigated Farms by Acres
August 1, 200000-12This report contains results from the Catfish Growers Survey, July 2000. We appreciate your
cooperation with this survey.
July 14, 200000-11Cotton County Estimates, Pecans Utilized Production, US Exports Volume, Commodity,
Number of Farms, US Exports Value by Region, US Exports Value by Commodity,
US Imports Value by Region, US Imports Volume, Commodity
June 30, 200000-10Cotton Ginnings, Bales Ginned, Cotton Prices, Number of Active Gins, Catfish Processing
Hay Stocks, Leading Markets, Sweetpotatoes
June 13, 200000-09Cotton Chemical Applications, Cotton Acres Treated, Cotton Nutrient Applications,
Soybean Fertilizer, Soybean Pesticide, Soybean Nutrient Applications, Soybean Chemical Applications, Soybean Acres Treated
June 1, 200000-08All Cotton Production, US Beef, Pork, and Chicken, Cotton Ginnings, Field and Livestock
Workers, US Average Net Cash Income, Methoods Used for Aquaculture, US Consumption Fertilizer, US Food Expenditures, Share of Income Spent, on Food, Hired Workers,
Rice County Estimates
May 8, 200000-07Floriculture: Number of Growers, Potted Easter Lilies Floriculture Value of Sales,
Poultry Production and Value, Farm Raised Catfish, Number of Milk Cows,
Meat Animals Production, US Chicken & Eggs, US Price Highlights
April 20, 200000-06Farm Loan Losses, Agricultural Bank Failures, Financial Indicator, District-Level Financial Statistics, Loan Delinquencies, Farm Credit System Trends, Farmer Program Obligation, Delinquencies, Direct Loan, Delinquencies, Guaranteed Loan
April 7, 200000-05Agriculture Land Values, Cotton Ginnings, Grain Stocks, Livestock County Estimates
Grade A Dairy Herds, Farm Raised Catfish, US Price Highlights
March 21, 200000-04Honey: Number of Colonies, US Farm Raised Catfish, Wheat County Estimates,
Corn County Estimates, Soybean County Estimates, Mississippi Exports,
Sorghum County Estimates
March 7, 200000-03Catfish: Sold and Value, Catfish Inventory, Catfish Inventory, Continued,
Catfish Water Acres by County, Cotton Ginnings, Crop Values and Grain Prices
Number of Farms, Land in Farms, Price Highlights
February 3, 200000-02U.S. Catfish Processing, Pecan Utilized Production, Livestock Slaughter, Irrigation,
Chickens: Number and Value, Cotton Ginnings, Upland Cotton, U.S. Hired Farmworkers,
U.S. Per Capital Consumption, U.S. Price Highlights
January 14, 200000-01Annual Crop Summary, Rice and Grain Stocks, Storage Capacity, Hogs and Pigs,
Cotton Ginnings, U.S. Sawtimber Prices, Ag. Output, Expenses, and Income,
U.S. Crop Area, Planted Acres, U.S. Farm Production Expenses, Price Highlights