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07/16 - 07/29/2003

COMPARABLE 2002 PERIOD: 07/12 - 07/25/2002

NDVI data calculated from the AVHRR sensor on the NOAA-16 satellite are used to create vegetation condition imagery beginning with the 2001 crop season. The images selectable below include displays of the NDVI index for various US areas and ratio images showing NDVI from this period in 2003 divided by NDVI from the comparable 2002 period. Agricultural Statistics District (ASD) and/or county boundaries are shown where the resolution allows. Thumbnail images, which start when at least eight prior periods are available, allow season to-date review. US images with average first frost isolines overlaying NDVI or Ratio to Previous Year data are available starting with the period containing September 1st. Select a GIF or PDF image to view from the tables below. Images are in GIF format unless otherwise noted.

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