2007 Census Publications

Geographic Area Series Publications
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Volume 1, Complete Report, All Tables:  Text | PDF

U.S. Summary and State Reports

For more information on how the Census was conducted or to view the report form, please use the links below.

State and County Reports

Outlying Areas

Online Census Highlights

See overviews of U.S., State, and County data. Compare data with pre-defined profiles and maps. See summary totals for key Census subject areas.

Special Studies

Special interest reports that combine narrative with numerical data. These reports take a closer look at specific sectors of agriculture to illustrate current trends among U.S. farmers and agricultural operations.

  • American Indian Reservations   TXT  |  PDF  |  CSV
  • Watersheds   TXT  |  PDF  |  CSV
  • Farm & Ranch Irrigation Survey (updated 7/23/2010)   TXT  |  PDF  |  CSV
  • Specialty Crops   TXT  |  PDF
    Specialty Crops for Outlying Areas   TXT  |  PDF
  • Organic Production Survey (updated 7/23/2010)   TXT  |  PDF  |  CSV
  • Census of Horticultural Specialties   TXT  |  PDF  |  CSV
  • On-Farm Renewable Energy Production Survey   TXT  |  PDF  |  CSV
  • Census of Aquaculture - cancelled
  • Land Economics and Ownership - cancelled
Custom Census Products

Special summaries of Census data requested by our user community. For more information on requesting a special tabulation, please click here.

  • Years on Present Farm of Principal Operator: 2007

  • Data Comparison: Major Crops
    Snapshot of U.S. corn, sorghum, soybean and wheat farms and the people who operate them. This comparison was compiled for Commodity Classic, the annual meeting of the National Corn Growers Association, National Sorghum Producers, American Soybean Association and National Association of Wheat Growers.

  • Operators by Demographic Groupings
    CSV files containing counts of all farm operators by unique demographic groupings
    State Level Counts | County Level Counts | Combined State and County Level

  • Median Farm Size: 2007 and 2002
    The 2002 Census of Agriculture median farm size as published June 2004 in Table 1 of the 2002 Volume 1, Chapter 2 County Level Data used data that were adjusted for nonresponse as had been done in previous censuses. All other calculations in 2002 were adjusted for nonresponse and coverage. The 2007 Census of Agriculture median size of farms as published February 4, 2009 was calculated with data that were adjusted for nonresponse and coverage. Median size of farm values in Table 1 of the 2002 Volume 1, Chapter 2 and values in Table 1 of the 2007 Volume 1, Chapter 2 are not comparable in printed copy or text/pdf format. The 2002 median size of farms has been calculated using nonresponse and coverage weights so that the data are comparable to 2007. This report shows the 2007 median size farm using nonresponse and coverage weights, the 2002 median size farm using nonresponse and coverage weights, and the 2002 median size farm using only nonresponse weights as comparable to 1997 and earlier censuses.
Profiles and Rankings

Summary reports that combine narrative and data from the 2007 Census of Agriculture. These reports give an insight into State, County, and Congressional District agricultural information, as well as the agriculture products ranking reports sorted by market value.

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