Desktop Data Query Tool 2.0

This application is designed to provide desktop access to the 2012 and 2007 Census data. Once downloaded, the application can be run from your computer's local drive or a network.

Data are searchable by Census table. The data resulting from your queries may be exported as a comma-separated value file (CSV) and imported into a spreadsheet or other software. The data may also be exported for use with Geographical Information Systems (GIS) mapping software to create maps and perform spatial analysis of the data.

The Downloadable Application requires approximately 314 MB of disk space and Windows operating system with Microsoft Common Controls (MSCOMCTL.OCX). Please note that the application is not MAC compatible. If necessary, please use our online Quick Stats system as an alternative resource to query and download Census data sets.

Instructions for downloading and installing the Desktop Data Query Tool

  • Download the compressed application from the Desktop Data Query Tool link below.
  • Uncompress the downloaded file putting all the files into one folder. Note: if you have the 2007 Query Tool, do not use the same folder.
  • Execute agcen2012.exe from the folder containing the uncompressed files.

The compressed Downloadable Application is 36 MB. It is recommended to only download this file if you have a high speed Internet connection.

Click here to download the 2012 Desktop Data Query Tool.

Last Modified: 07/17/2018