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Subscription reports issued by the Alaskan Agricultural Statistics Service.

Monthly Farm Reporter  A report issued once a month to provide timely crop production 
                       estimates.  The following is a list of the major topics in this 

               Milk - Production and cow numbers (monthly)
               Potatoes - Stocks December through May Acreage (July),
                          Production (November and December)
               Crop Production (February)
	       Livestock inventory (February)

POTATO STOCKS AND PROCESSING:  A report issued at mid-month from December 
       through May.  The quantities of potatoes in storage in the 15 fall 
       producing states, production, and quantity of potatoes processed 
       is in each report.  The combined processing data for Washington 
       and Oregon is presented by utilization by type of product.

CROP WEATHER:  A report issued each Monday from April through November, 
       covering the current weather conditions and how they have affected 
       crops; planting and harvesting progress; crop development progress; 
       weather data for selected points throughout the state.

Alaska AGRICULTURAL STATISTICS: This is an annual bulletin issued in 
       the fall, which contains final estimates for the state plus district 
       estimates.  This publication also contains other data such as farm 
       economics, and detailed commodity information.

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