California Agricultural Statistics

The California Agricultural Statistics publication is a historical, multi-year series for all major crops, livestock and related data. It is usually issued annually in the fall.

Access the full report for agricultural statistics for the 2013 crop year in California by clicking the link below:

California Agricultural Statistics, 2013 Crop Year

Or, you can view the report by section: Agricultural Overview, 2013

Includes gross cash income by commodity groups and farm income indicators; leading agricultural commodities, counties and states; number and size of farms; seasonal rainfall with comparisons to normal.

Field Crops

Includes acreage, production, value and monthly average prices received by crop; acreage and production by county for barley, dry edible beans, corn, American Pima and Upland cotton, oats, rice, sugar beets and wheat.


Includes number of producers, plants grown, production area, sales and value by kind for 2012 and 2013.

Fruit and Nut Crops

Includes acreage, production and value by crop; citrus sales by utilized production, value per carton, monthly and season average prices; non-citrus fruit drying ratios, unutilized production, utilized production and average grower returns.

Livestock and Dairy

Includes cattle and calves marketed from feedlots, average prices received, average live weights and number slaughtered under federal and state inspections, by class as of January 1, number of operations, inventory, supply, and disposition; milk cows calved, milk production and value, average prices received, number of operations and inventory; sheep and lambs by class as of January 1; number shorn, wool production and value, inventory, supply, disposition and average prices received; hogs and pigs by class as of December 1, sows farrowed and pigs saved, inventory, supply, disposition, average live weights and number slaughtered under federal and state inspections; manufactured dairy products; grazing fee annual average rates; equine inventory, number sold and value of sales; bee colonies, honey production and value; total annual livestock production and income by group; hens and pullets of laying age and egg production; broiler production and value; egg production and value; turkey production and value.

Vegetables and Melons

Includes fresh market and processing acreage, production and value by crop; processing tomato acreage and production by county; monthly average prices received.

(Includes all of the sections listed above.)
(Current and Historic)

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