Crop Production

NOTE:  The tables listed below are the release dates and commodities included in the report.
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Crop Production Reports are listed by date of release:
Crop Production Releases
Year Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
2018 12                      
2017 13 9 9 11 10 13 18 10 12 12 9 13
2016 12 10 10 , Apr 1 12 10 10 12 12 13 12 9 9
Crop Production Release Schedule
Commodity Months Available Commodity Months Available
Almonds May, Jul Olives Aug
Apples Aug Oranges, Navel Jan, Apr, Jul, Sep, Oct
Apricots Jul Oranges, Valencia Jan, Mar, Apr, Jul, Oct
Barley Mar, Jul Peaches, Clingstone May, Aug
Beans, Dry Mar, Aug, Dec Peaches, Freestone May, Aug
Cherries, Sweet Jun Pears, Bartlett Jun, Aug
Corn, All Mar Pears, Other Aug
Corn, Grain Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov Pecans Oct
Cotton, Pima Jan, Mar, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec Plums, Dried Jun
Cotton, Upland Jan, Mar, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec Potatoes, Sweet Mar
Grape Crush Feb Rice Mar, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov
Grapefruit Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct Sugar Beets Mar, Aug, Sep, Nov
Grapes Mar, Aug Tangerines Jan, Apr, Oct, July
Hay, Alfalfa Aug, Oct Walnuts Sep
Hay, All Mar Wheat, Durum Mar, May, Jun, Jul
Hay, Other Aug, Oct Wheat, Winter Mar, May, Jun, Jul
Lemons Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct ... ...
Oats Mar, Jul ... ...

Last Modified: 02/12/2018