Grape Crush Reports Listing

Release Dates:

Preliminary - February 10
  • PDF at 12:00 p.m. PST
  • XLS on the next business day

  • Final - March 10
  • PDF at 12:00 p.m. PST
  • XLS on the next business day

    Map of the California Grape Pricing Districts

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    Grape Crush Reports

    Year Format
    2022, Errata PDF XLS | CSV
    2022, FinalPDF XLS | CSV
    2021, Errata PDF XLS
    2021, Final PDF XLS
    2020, Errata PDF XLS
    2020, Final PDF XLS
    2019, Errata PDF XLS
    2019, Final PDF XLS
    2018, Errata PDF XLS
    2018, Final - April 10, 2019 PDF XLS
    2017, Errata PDF XLS
    2017, Final PDF XLS
    2016, Errata PDF XLS
    2016, Final PDF XLS
    2015, Errata PDF XLS
    2015, Final PDF XLS
    2014, Errata PDF XLS
    2014, Final PDF XLS
    2013, Errata PDF XLS
    2013, Final PDF XLS
    2012, Errata PDF XLS
    2012, Final PDF XLS
    2011, Errata PDF XLS
    2011, Final PDF XLS
    2010, Errata PDF XLS
    2010, Final PDF XLS
    2009, Final PDF XLS
    2008, Errata PDF XLS
    2008, Final PDF XLS
    2007, Errata PDF XLS
    2007, Final PDF XLS
    2006, Errata PDF XLS
    2006, Final PDF XLS
    2005, Errata PDF XLS
    2005, Final PDF XLS
    2004, Errata PDF XLS
    2004, Final PDF XLS
    2003 PDF XLS
    2002 PDF XLS
    2001, Reissue PDF XLS
    2000 PDF XLS
    1999 PDF XLS
    1998 PDF XLS
    1997 PDF XLS
    1996 PDF XLS
    1995 PDF XLS
    1994 PDF XLS
    1993 PDF XLS
    1992 PDF XLS
    1991 PDF XLS
    1990 PDF
    1989 PDF
    1988 PDF
    1987 PDF
    1986 PDF
    1985 PDF
    1984 PDF
    1983 PDF
    1982 PDF
    1981 PDF
    1980 PDF
    1979 PDF
    1978 PDF
    1977 PDF
    1976 PDF

    NOTE: Information contained in these reports is supplied by processors to fulfill the reporting requirements of Section 55601.5 of the Food and Agricultural Code. Details of the crushed tonnage, degrees Brix, and weighted average prices are reported by grape type, variety, and grape pricing districts. The 17 Grape Crush (pricing) Districts refer to the area in which the grapes were grown as defined in the Administrative Code. State totals and averages for the preceding crop year are shown in all tables for comparison.

    The Preliminary Grape Crush Report includes all grape tonnage crushed during the crop season, as well as purchased tonnage and pricing information for grapes with final prices prior to January 10. The Final Grape Crush Report also includes additional purchased tonnage and prices as well as changes from reporting errors, late reports, and corrections to the original data.

    Last Modified: 08/23/2023