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Issue Contents Date
AV-18-10 Hay Stocks, Cattle County Estimates, Milk & Cattle PDI, Hogs PDI May 24, 2018
AV-18-09 Dry Beans County Estimates, Monthly Prices, Milk Production, Dairy Products, Flour Millings May 10, 2018
AV-18-08 Monthly Prices, Hay County Estimates, Cattle on Feed May 2, 2018
AV-18-07 Prospective Plantings, Grain Stocks, Hogs & Pigs, Honey April 11, 2018
AV-18-06 Monthly Prices, Milk Production, Chickens & Eggs, Grain & Oilseed Crushings March 14, 2018
AV-18-05 Crop Values, Row Crop County Estimates March 9, 2018
AV-18-04 North American Potatoes, Farms & Land in Farms, Vegetables, Cattle on Feed February 28, 2018
AV-18-03 Monthly Prices, Cattle, Sheep, Goats, Milk Production February 9, 2018
AV-18-02 Grain Stocks, Grain Storage Capacity, Hay Stocks, Annual Crop Production January 26, 2018
AV-18-01 Monthly Prices, Hogs & Pigs, Cattle on Feed, Chickens & Eggs, Cost of Pollination January 9, 2018
Issue Contents Date
AV-17-24 Monthly Prices, Small Grain County Estimates December 26, 2017
AV-17-23 Cattle on Feed, Farm Labor, Farm Income & Expenses December 6, 2017
AV-17-22 Monthly Prices, Crop Production, Objective Yield Data, Chickens & Eggs November 22, 2017
AV-17-21 Crop Production, Cattle on Feed, Milk Production October 31, 2017
AV-17-20 Small Grains, Grain Stocks, Monthly Prices, Hogs & Pigs October 13, 2017
AV-17-19 Potatoes, Crop Production, Certified Organic Production, Cash Rents (County) September 29, 2017
AV-17-18 Monthly Prices, Farm Computer Use, Chickens & Eggs, Cattle on Feed September 11, 2017
AV-17-17 Crop Production, Farm Production Expenditures, Land Values, Cash Rents (State) August 23, 2017
AV-17-16 Monthly Prices, Honey Bee Colonies, Milk Production, Agricultural Chemical Use (Vegetables) August 10, 2017
AV-17-15 Monthly Prices, Crop Production, Mink, Cattle on Feed July 31, 2017
AV-17-14 Apples, Acreage, Grain Stocks, Hogs & Pigs June 14, 2017
AV-17-13 Monthly Prices, Sugarbeets County Estimates, Maple Syrup Production, Milk Production June 23, 2017
AV-17-12 Cattle on Feed, Cattle & Milk PDI, Hogs PDI, Chickens & Eggs June 12, 2017
AV-17-11 Hay Stocks, Farm Labor, Agricultural Chemical Use (Corn & Potatoes) May 30, 2017
AV-17-10 Dry Beans County Estimates, Monthly Prices, Cattle on Feed, Annual Turkey Hatchery, Flour Millings May 23, 2017
AV-17-09 Monthly Prices, Hay County Estimates, Milk Production May 1, 2017
AV-17-08 Prospective Plantings, Grain Stocks, U of M Analysis, Vegetables, Hogs & Pigs April 11, 2017
AV-17-07 Milk Production, Honey, Chickens & Eggs, Grain & Oilseed Crushings March 30, 2017
AV-17-06 Monthly Prices, Milk Production, Chickens & Eggs, Cattle on Feed March 14, 2017
AV-17-05 Crop Values, Row Crops County Estimates March 8, 2017
AV-17-04 North American Potatoes, Land in Farms, Local Food Marketing Practices February 27, 2017
AV-17-03 Monthly Prices, Cattle, Sheep & Goat Inventories, Milk Production February 10, 2017
AV-17-02 Annual Crop Production, Grain Stocks, U of M Analysis, Hay Stocks January 25, 2017
AV-17-01 Monthly Prices, Hogs & Pigs, Chickens & Eggs, Organic Certifiers, Cost of Pollination January 13, 2017

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