Farm Reports

The North Caroli na Farm Report is a monthly publication highlighting each month's surveys and statistics. This publication is issued on or around the 26th of each month. Contents may vary by year.

NOTE: These documents are in Adobe Acrobat's Portable Document Format (PDF). If you need the Acrobat Reader, it is available for free from the Adobe web site.

January Farm Report Includes: End of Year Crop Summary, Winter Wheat Seedings. Prices Received, Grain Stocks, Chicken & Eggs, December 1 Hog & Pig Inventory

February Farm Report Includes: Annual Vegetable Summary, Prices Received, Sweet Potato Marketings, Cotton Ginnings, Chicken & Eggs, Goat Inventory, Sheep and Lamb Inventory, Cattle Inventory, Milk Production

March Farm Report Includes: Annual Crop Summary, Prices Received, Farm Numbers & Land in Farms, Cotton Ginnings, Chicken & Eggs, Trout and Catfish Sales, Annual Milk Production

April Farm Report Includes: Prospective Plantings, Prices Received, Chicken & Eggs, Grain Stocks, March 1 Hog & Pig Inventory

May Farm Report Includes: Prices Received, Winter Wheat Production, Hay Stocks, Commercial Floriculture, Prices Received, Chicken & Eggs, Annual Cattle and Hog Slaughter

June Farm Report Includes: Bees & Honey, Winter Wheat Harvested, Prices Received, Annual Cumulative Cotton Boll Counts, Agriculture Chemical Use, Farm Labor Wage Rates

July Farm Report Includes: June Crop Acreages, July 1 Crop Yield & Production, Sweet Potato Marketings, Prices Received, Chicken & Eggs, Grain Stocks, June 1 Hog & Pig Inventory

August Farm Report Includes: August 1 Crop Yield & Production, Non-Citrus Fruit Annual Summary, Prices Received, Chicken & Eggs, NC Farm Production Expenditures

September Farm Report Includes: September 1 Crop Yield & Production, Irish Potato Marketings, Prices Received, Chicken & Eggs, Milk Production

October Farm Report Includes: October 1 Crop Yield & Production, Crop Yields, Annual Irish Potato Summary, Prices Received, Chicken & Eggs, Grain Stocks, Small Grain Summary, September 1 Hog & Pig Inventory

November Farm Report Includes: November 1 Crop Yield & Production, Cotton Ginnings, Upland Cotton & Cottonseed Marketings, Prices Received, Chicken & Eggs, Milk Production

December Farm Report Includes: Upland Cotton Yield, Upland Cotton Production, Cotton Ginnings, Prices Received, Chicken & Eggs,, Farm Labor Wage

For additional information or to view NASS reports, you may access the NASS publications page.

Additionally, all data found in these reports can be accessed and downloaded through our Quick-Stats database application.


Last Modified: 05/04/2018