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About All Milk Price

Each month, the NASS Regional Field Offices (RFOs) estimate the All Milk price for each of the 23 major milk-producing states. The All Milk price represents the gross price farmers in the state received in the given month per hundredweight (cwt) of milk sold at average fat test. The gross price is before deductions for items such as hauling and stop charges, advertising and promotion costs, and coop dues. It does not include hauling subsidies, but does include premiums and discounts for quality, quantity, or other reasons. The price per hundredweight equals total gross receipts divided by pounds of milk sold and multiplied by 100.

In establishing state All Milk prices each month, RFOs use administrative data from various sources as well as survey data. NASS calculates the U.S. All Milk price by weighting the estimated All Milk price in each of the 23 states by production in the state during the same month in the previous year.


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All Milk prices are reported in the Agricultural Prices report each month.


Last Modified: 11/09/2018