Turkey Hatchery

The Turkey Hatchery survey provides estimates of turkey eggs in incubators and number hatched in all hatchery states. The estimates indicate the number of market birds that will be available in about five months and provide basic data used to develop state estimates of the number of turkeys raised.

All known operating turkey hatcheries within the states are contacted each month. The following states are included: Arkansas, California, Indiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.


The Turkey Hatchery report is released about the 13th of each month. Number of eggs in incubators on the first of the month and number of poults placed in the previous month are published by region, and U.S. total.

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Program Content

Data are collected on the number of turkey eggs in incubators on the first of the current month, the number of poults hatched during the previous month, and in which state these poults were placed for feeding to market weights.


The information in this report is used by data users to estimate the number of turkeys that will be marketed in about five months. These data are also the basis for the NASS estimates of turkeys raised each year. Additionally, economists and other analysts use the data to monitor the industry=s health and assess its economic contribution to the agricultural sector.


The survey is conducted monthly.


NASS maintains a list of active turkey hatcheries, approximately 40, and all are contacted each month. The reference date is the first of the current month for eggs in incubators and entire previous month for number of poults placed. Questionnaires are mailed to reach the respondents by the first of the month. Hatcheries not responding with a completed questionnaire are contacted by phone.

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Last Modified: 11/09/2018