2015 Urban Agriculture Pilot Study

USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service is conducting the 2015 Urban Agriculture Pilot Study in Baltimore, Maryland. This study will help quantify agriculture activities in Baltimore, Maryland and prepare for the next Census of Agriculture program. All U.S. agriculture production is important for our nation’s food security, including products grown in rural areas and urban areas. Ensuring that all agriculture activities are accounted for in the next Agricultural Census will help provide the most complete picture of agriculture on which to base agricultural policy, program, and funding decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is the 2015 Urban Agriculture Pilot Study?
  • How was I selected for this research study?
  • Why should I participate in the Urban Agriculture Pilot Study?
  • What should I expect if selected?
  • What types of questions will you ask?
  • Will my information be kept confidential?
  • Am I required by law to participate?
  • How will the information collected during the study be used and by whom?
  • Will there be a report released from the 2015 Urban Agriculture Pilot Project?
  • Will NASS conduct urban agriculture studies in other cities?
  • What if I want more information?

Last Modified: 06/08/2018