Image of Fred Vogel

Frederic A. Vogel


Global Manager
International Comparison Program
The World Bank

Mr. Vogel has spent most of his life in agriculture. His roots go back to the family farm in Western Nebraska where he was raised and developed a great appreciation and understanding of the life farmers and ranchers lead that involves dealing with the vagaries of nature and the markets. He holds a BS degree in Agricultural Economics and an MS degree in Statistics. He is an elected member of the International Statistical Institute where he founded the Gregor-Johann Mendel Committee on Agricultural Statistics. He has published numerous papers on statistical methodology and has provided technical assistance to countries around the world. Mr. Vogel initiated the concept of having international conferences on agricultural statistics and led the program and organizing committees that resulted in the first conference being held in Washington , DC in 1998. Mr. Vogel is now the Global Manager of the International Comparison Program at the World Bank. In that capacity, he is responsible for organizing the largest international statistical activity ever undertaken which involves a price collection effort by over 150 countries accompanied by them preparing detailed expenditure weights for their national accounts.