Image of Haluk Kasnakoglu

Haluk Kasnakoglu


Statistics Division Food and Agriculture
Organization of the United Nations


1975: PhD, Economics, University of Wisconsin-Madison
1973: MS, Economics, University of Wisconsin-Madison
1970: BS, Economics and Statistics, METU

Current Activities

Dr. Kasnakoglu advises the Assistant Director-General, ES, and regional representatives on matters relating to the Division's fields of activity. He ensures liaison and coordination with, and supplies information, guidelines and support to FAO Members, UN and specialized agencies, other global, regional and national bodies and various segments of the Organization, including regional and sub-regional offices. He also exercises overall management responsibility including planning, supervising and ensuring the implementation of the approved Programme of Work and Budget (PWB) in the Division's field of competence. He provides budgetary and administrative oversight, supervising staff, and coordination with other concerned units of FAO. Coordinates the planning of the programme of work and ensures its technical quality and implementation through staff and non-staff resources at all locations (Headquarters and decentralized offices). He ensures the appraisal of field projects, the identification of programmes and projects in collaboration with its decentralized structures, and the provision of specialized support, on request from the TC Department, in the formulation or implementation of projects, preferably through its decentralized structures. It also ensures the technical quality of the field programme to an acceptable standard, through the appraisal of project documents and clearance of technical and terminal reports. He also provides technical support to WFP projects, if applicable. Develops and provides technical guidance and support to special action programmes. He provides advice, assistance and support to governmental policies and strategies in collaboration with the Policy Assistance Division (TCA) and the regional policy assistance groups. He also provides leadership, coordination or assistance, as required, to UN and specialized agencies, and other global, regional and national bodies in its fields of activity. Promotes and coordinates actions in the divisional field of activity through collaboration efforts including Technical Cooperation among Developing Countries (TCDC). Represents the Organization at technical and inter-agency meetings in the Division's fields of activity

Previous appointments and achievements
1976- 2001: Professor of Economics, Middle East Technical University (METU), Ankara Turkey .
1995-1997: Vice President and Advisor to the President at State Institute of Statistics (SIS), Ankara , Turkey . 1992-1994: Dean of Social Science Graduate School , METU.
1990-1992: Head of Econometric and Statistical Evaluations Department and Vice President at SIS.
1984-1985: Visiting Professor, University of California-Davis , U.S.A.
1980-1981: Assistant Dean, Faculty of Administrative Sciences, METU.
1979-1980: Chairman, Department of Economics, METU.

Author of numerous publications in the fields of production economics, agricultural sector models, development economics and agricultural policy.