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Quick Stats Lite (Beta)

Introducing our new, guided interface to the Quick Stats 2.0 database! It is designed to provide a more structured approach to help users get commonly requested statistics from our online database.

We are making further improvements to Quick Stats Lite which will be rolled out periodically over the next few months. Planned changes are: more commodities and views, enhancements to the results section, and usability features to help you easily change your selections or link you to the Quick Stats 2.0 interface which offers additional functionality. We would like to hear back from you about your experiences with this new tool as well as any suggestions for further improvements. Please click here to provide feedback.

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Quick Stats 2.0

Quick Stats 2.0 is the most comprehensive tool for accessing agricultural data published by NASS. It allows you to discover exactly the information you desire, whether it is based on commodity, location, or time period. You can then visualize the data on a map, manipulate and export the results, or save a link for future use.

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Data By Subject

Obtain an agricultural statistics profile for a particular subject area or commodity. Data is currently available in the following areas:

  • Crops and Plants
  • Economics
  • Livestock and Animals
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Pre-Defined Queries

Listing of requested queries that have been developed for your convenience based on their timeliness and user feedback.

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Last Modified: 12/18/2015