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Upper Midwest Regional Field Office (and the Iowa Field Office )

Other Press Releases

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Agricultural Chemical Use
  Corn - Fall 2014 PDF
  Soybeans - Fall 2012 PDF
Farm Computer Use Survey
  August 19, 2015 PDF
  August 21, 2013 PDF
Farmland Ownership and Tenure
  September 9, 2015 PDF
Farms and Land in Farms
  February 19, 2015 PDF
  May 28, 2014 PDF
Farmers Market Survey
  2009 Customer Survey PDF
  2009 Vendor Survey PDF
  2004 Customer Survey PDF
  2004 Vendor Survey PDF
Iowa Grain and Biofuel Flow Study
  2007-2008 - August 2009 PDF
Organic Production Survey
  2014 PDF
  2011 PDF
  2008 U.S. and Iowa Data Highlights PDF

Last Modified: 11/04/2015