Grain Crushings and Co-Products Production (CAIR Program)


NASS publishes a monthly Grain Crushings and Co-Products Production report with the amount of agricultural commodities consumed in dry and wet mill production as well as monthly production of co-products for the U.S.

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Grain Crushings and Co-Products Production is part of the Current Agricultural Industrial Reports (CAIR) program. CAIR reports are administered under NASS’s Census of Agriculture program. Response to CAIR surveys are required by law (Title 7, U.S. Code). Data are collected from all known mills that produce ethanol. The census universe was determined during operation profile interviews which were completed for each potential facility to identify the presence of ethanol production in 2014. During the operation profile, facilities that met the survey criteria were asked for the nameplate production capacity. The operation profile also documented the manner in which the firm will report. A firm headquarters can report for all milling locations or each location can report separately. In the Dry Mill Producers and Wet Mill Producers survey questionnaires, mills are asked for previous calendar month data on feedstocks consumed, products and co-products produced. Mills are mailed questionnaires with the options of completing the survey by mail or by Electronic Data Reporting (EDR). For surveys not received in a reasonable amount of time, telephone follow-up is conducted.


The Grain Crushings and Co-Products Production report is a monthly release which provides aggregated data from the following two surveys:

  1. Dry Mill Producers
  2. Wet Mill Producers
Operation Profile Data
  • 200 facilities
  • 14.792 billion gallons nameplate capacity

Last Modified: 12/12/2018