Hall of Fame

The NASS Hall of Fame honors individuals whose work made lasting contributions to the quality of the information collected and the service NASS provides in producing timely, accurate, and useful agriculture statistics. Through the Hall of Fame, we recognize the talent, vision, and energy of individuals whose contributions to the agency and to agriculture statistics transcend time. Individuals honored in the Hall of Fame exemplified integrity, honesty, innovation, positive impact on NASS, and commitment to public service.

NASS established the Hall of Fame in 2014, inducting an inaugural group of five former staff. For the inaugural induction, inclusion was limited to individuals who are deceased but who worked for the agency after 1957, when USDA developed a plan to expand data collection and make it the work of a separate agency within the Department of Agriculture. A nominating committee of former NASS employees and independent statisticians selected the inaugural inductees.

The Hall of Fame members (and their citations) are:

Photo of Ron Bosecker
Ron Bosecker

Raymond “Ron” Bosecker served agriculture and NASS during a long and influential career. He began his career at NASS as a student trainee in 1964 and retired as the Administrator of NASS in 2008. Under his leadership, NASS expanded the Agricultural Resource Management Survey to bolster the economic report on United States farms and ranches.

Inducted in 2023

Photo of Carol House
Carol House

Carol House spent nearly 34 years working at NASS. Throughout her career, she moved through the ranks to be appointed Division Director of two separate divisions. She also served as Associate Administrator and Chair of the Program Planning Committee and then the Deputy Administrator for Programs and Products. House was the first woman hired directly into NASS to rise to the level of Senior Executive.

Inducted in 2023

Photo of Sue Horstkamp
Sue Horstkamp

Sue Horstkamp spent more than 37 years at NASS, serving as executive secretary for three different NASS administrators. She created teamwork and professional excellence within the headquarters secretarial staff, formalizing training activity to facilitate efficiency and consistency. Horstkamp listened to and advocated for new ideas and acted as a leader, team builder, trainer, advocate, facilitator, and problem solver for many.

Inducted in 2022

Photo of Joseph T. Reilly
Joseph T. Reilly

Joseph T. Reilly, a former NASS administrator from 2014-2016, helped lead the transfer of the Census of Agriculture from the Department of Commerce to NASS in 1997. While at the agency, Reilly transformed statistical systems and operations and led the effort to restructure the field offices from 46 offices to 12 regional operation centers in 2012. His accomplishments enhanced the national and international credibility of NASS as the premier agricultural statistical agency in the world.

Inducted in 2022

Photo of Phillip S. Kott
Phillip S. Kott, PhD

Phillip S. Kott, PhD, developed statistical theory and practice to advance the quality and accuracy of NASS statistics. Considered a leader in the statistical community, his contributions to the field helped bring major recognition and credibility to NASS.

Inducted in 2021

Photo of Jack Nealon
Jack Nealon

Jack Nealon was the catalyst and leader for major reengineering efforts that helped significantly improve data management and survey capability within the agency. During his 37 years with NASS, he sought every opportunity to improve and transform the programs, products, and processes of the agency.

Inducted in 2021

Photo of Marshall Dantzler
Marshall L. Dantzler

Marshall L. Dantzler dedicated his entire career to public service and service to American agriculture. During his time at NASS, he recruited and mentored countless agency leaders, established the first NASS Regional Data Collection Center, and guided 46 state statistical offices through many changes.

Inducted in 2020

Photo of Fred Vogel
Fred Vogel

Frederic A. Vogel was a driving force for continual improvements in data quality and a global leader in the development of statistical methodology for agriculture and economic statistics. His commitment to excellence in statistical theory and practice contributed substantially to agricultural statistics at USDA’s National Agricultural Statics Service and internationally.

Inducted in 2019

Photo of Alfonzo Drain
Alfonzo Drain

Alfonzo Drain provided decades-long dedication, leadership, and guidance on key issues that fundamentally strengthened NASS and expanded the range of producers NASS serves. His work broadened opportunities for minorities and women within NASS, and brought increased policy and program attention across all USDA agencies to small and beginning farmers and ranchers.

Inducted in 2017

Photo of William E. Kibler
William E. Kibler

William E. Kibler was a visionary leader who empowered staff and trusted them to produce creative, dynamic solutions. During a time of generational change, budget and weather challenges, advancing computer capacity, and need for new statistical methods, he made innovative decisions that strengthened the agency and gave it tools and processes to address future needs.

Inducted in 2017

Photo of Richard D. Allen
Richard D. Allen

Richard D. Allen dedicated his career to NASS, the statistical community, and U.S. agriculture. He led with integrity and an unwavering desire to improve the quality and timeliness of agricultural statistics. NASS historian and a compassionate mentor, his legacy includes the countless statisticians he helped develop into exceptional stewards of agricultural statistics.

Inducted in 2016

Photo of Donald M. Bay
Donald M. Bay

Donald M. Bay was a results-driven leader whose foresight, direction, and vision produced significant and lasting changes to NASS’ agricultural statistics program and organizational culture, including transfer of the Census of Agriculture program from the Census Bureau to NASS. During a time of technological change, he skillfully maintained morale and implemented many efficiency measures.

Inducted in 2016

Photo of Charles E. Caudill
Charles E. Caudill

Charles E. Caudill was a distinguished agricultural and mathematical statistician committed to improving agriculture statistics in the United States and abroad. Throughout his career at NASS, he led many efforts to improve and modernize the collection and analysis of agriculture data, including applying sound statistical techniques to the emerging field of remote sensing.

Inducted in 2015

Photo of Bruce Graham
Bruce M. Graham

Bruce M. Graham provided outstanding leadership in the Statistical Reporting Service and the National Agricultural Statistics Service, including leadership of the Survey Operations Group. This group expanded the use of probability area frame surveys into most states, a key to implementing the transformative “Project A.”

Inducted in 2014

Photo of Sterling Newell
Sterling R. (Bert) Newell

As Chair of the Crop Reporting Board (1950 – 1962), Sterling R. (Bert) Newell led development of the 1957 long-range plan for major expansion of USDA data collection. He helped convince Congress to support the plan, which ultimately led to the creation of the Statistical Reporting Service (now the National Agricultural Statistics Service).

Inducted in 2014

Photo of Cary Palmer
Cary Palmer

Cary Palmer was as an outstanding State Statistician in South Dakota and Texas. He is also known for his highly successful recruitment of college graduates who went on to become outstanding statisticians and leaders in the Statistical Reporting Service and its successor the National Agricultural Statistics Service.

Inducted in 2014

Photo of Glenn Simpson
Glenn Simpson

Glenn D. Simpson provided leadership for the staffing and organizational structure of the new Statistical Reporting Service (now the National Agricultural Statistics Service). He also led development of the original USDA Statistical Scope and Methods publication that guided the agency’s statistical processes for many years.

Inducted in 2014

Photo of Harry Trelogan
Harry C. Trelogan

Harry C. Trelogan was the founding Administrator (1961-1975) of the Statistical Reporting Service (now the National Agricultural Statistics Service). He provided the vision and leadership that began the transformation of previous USDA data collection programs into an internationally renowned statistical agency.

Inducted in 2014

To Nominate Someone to the Hall of Fame

Inductions to the NASS Hall of Fame take place annually in April. Inductees may be living or deceased but must have retired or left NASS at least five years previously. Current NASS employees, previous NASS employees, or other interested individuals may nominate individuals to the Hall of Fame. Nominations open in December and are due by the end of January. For more information, contact nass@nass.usda.gov.

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