Assistance to Other Organizations

In addition to the many statistical activities directly related to its mission, NASS conducts surveys for and lends technical expertise to other Federal agencies, State governments, and private organizations. NASS provides support and assistance in the areas of questionnaire and sample design, data collection and editing, analysis of survey results, and training.

However, services provided to other organizations are not allowed to interfere with the performance of NASS's fundamental duties. Moreover, the services must provide useful data not available elsewhere. Finally, NASS must be fully reimbursed for all such work.

Among its more notable projects, NASS conducted a farm injury survey for the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health; carried out a pilot study on Native American contributions to agriculture for the Intertribal Agriculture Council; and surveyed producers' sources of agricultural information for USDA's Office of Communications.

NASS field offices have become increasingly involved in performing special surveys in cooperation with land-grant universities and state departments of agriculture. Data have been collected on such diverse subjects as specialty fruits and vegetables, nursery products, waste management in rural communities, and producers' opinions of farm bill proposals.

Last Modified: 05/04/2018