Data Users' Meeting

This event is organized by the National Agricultural Statistics Service in cooperation with the World Agricultural Outlook Board, Farm Service Agency, Economic Research Service, Agricultural Marketing Service, Foreign Agricultural Service, and the U.S. Census Bureau.

This meeting is an opportunity to update data users on recent and pending changes in the various statistical and information programs important to agriculture, and to seek comments and input on these programs.

2021 Fall Meeting Details

Proceedings from the October 2021 Meeting

Day 1 Videos:

  • Agency Updates
  • Breakout 1A: AMS AgTransport Platform
  • Breakout 1B. Foreign Production, Trade, and Import/Export Data
  • Breakout 2A. NASS Milk Production Program
  • Breakout 2B. Showcasing ERS Data and New Initiatives

  • Day 2 Videos:

  • Open Forum
  • Breakout 3A. Data and Programs Assisting Our Nation’s Producers During the 2021 Western Drought
  • Breakout 3B. AMS Market News
  • Breakout 4A. NASS Modernization
  • Breakout 4B. Building Country Capacity with the Global Agricultural and Disaster Assessment System
  • Proceedings from Previous Meetings

    Last Modified: 10/21/2021