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Data Series Update PeriodUpdate DescriptionImplementation Date Update Type
Chickens1974-2015Change reference_period_desc from DEC to FIRST OF DEC and freq_desc from MONTHLY to POINT IN TIME for statisticcat_desc INVENTORY.Feb 09, 2015Metadata Labels
Chickens1974-2015Change class_desc from PULLETS to PULLETS, REPLACEMENT.Feb 09, 2015Metadata Labels
Milk Cows1958-2015Change reference_period_desc from quarterly ranges to single months: JAN, APR, JUL, and OCT for statisticcat_desc PRICE RECEIVED.Apr 24, 2015Metadata Labels
Milk Cows1990-2015Change reference_period_desc from MARKETING YEAR to YEAR for unit_desc INDEX.Apr 24, 2015Metadata Labels
Milk Cows2014-2015Change reference_period_desc from YEAR to FIRST OF JAN and freq_desc from ANNUAL to POINT IN TIME for class_desc COWS, MILK and statisticcat_desc INVENTORY.May 12, 2015Metadata Labels
PPITW1975-2007Change reference_period_desc from JAN to MARKETING YEAR and freq_desc from MONTHLY to ANNUAL for statisticcat_desc RELATIVE WEIGHT, 5 YEAR MOVING AVERAGE.Jul 15, 2015Metadata Labels
PPITW1975-2015Change the phrase from ADJ FOR PRODUCTION to ADJ FOR PRODUCTIVITY in class_desc.Jul 15, 2015Metadata Labels
Chemical Usage1990-2014Add SODIUM to domaincat_desc CHEMICAL, HERBICIDE: (FOMESAFEN SODIUM = 123802).Sep 11, 2015Metadata Labels
CAIR: FatsMay-August 2015Change commodity_desc from FATS to POULTRY FATS.Oct 08, 2015Metadata Labels
Grapefruit1955-2015Change class_desc from COLORED SEEDLESS to RED SEEDLESS to be more consistent with industry and other USDA agencies.Oct 15, 2015Metadata Labels
CAIR: GreaseMay-August 2015Change statisticcat_desc to REMOVAL FOR PROCESSING, INEDIBLE USE for class_desc (EXCL YELLOW WHITE & WOOL).Oct 30, 2015Metadata Labels
CAIR: Alcohol CoproductsOctober 2014-December 2015Change class_desc from CORN OIL to CORN DISTILLERS OIL (CDO).Mar 01, 2016Metadata Labels
PPITW1990-2011Change reference_period_desc from MARKETING YEAR to YEAR for statisticcat_desc RATIO.Mar 02, 2016Metadata Labels
BroilersJanuary 2013-March 2016Move OTHER STATES from region_desc to state_name.Mar 11, 2016Metadata Labels
County1955-2015For state_name SOUTH DAKOTA, change county_name from SHANNON to OGLALA-LAKOTA and county_ansi from 113 to 102.Apr 07, 2016Metadata Labels
Other Hay2007-2014Change region_desc from APPALACHIAN to APPALACHIA and DELTA STATES to SOUTHEAST/DELTA for statisticcat_desc PRICE RECEIVED, 3 YEAR AVG.Apr 07, 2016Metadata Labels
Floriculture2014-2015For domain_desc SALES OF FLORICULTURE, change lower bound of domaincat_desc from 25,000 to 20,000.Jun 23, 2016Metadata Labels
Floriculture2014-2015Change unit_desc from $ to $, WHOLESALE BASIS for source_desc SURVEY and commodity_desc FLORICULTURE TOTALS.Jun 23, 2016Metadata Labels
Floriculture2014-2015Change util_practice_desc from POTS to ALL UTILIZATION PRACTICES for source_desc SURVEY and commodity_desc BEDDING PLANTS, ANNUAL.Jun 23, 2016Metadata Labels
Floriculture2014-2015Change unit_desc from FLATS to POTS for util_practice_desc containing POTS.Jun 23, 2016Metadata Labels
Fall Potatoes for Processing2011-2017Change location fields (state_name to region_desc): state IDAHO to region: multi-state ID (INCL MALHEUR COUNTY OR); and state WASHINGTON to region: multi-state WA & OR.Jun 16, 2017Metadata Labels
Winter Wheat & Canola Seedings2015-2017Change reference_period_desc from YEAR - DEC FORECAST to YEAR - DEC ACREAGE for commodity_desc CANOLA or WHEAT.Jan 10, 2018Metadata Labels
Prospective Plantings2009-2017Change reference_period_desc from YEAR - MAR FORECAST to YEAR - MAR ACREAGE for unit_desc ACRES.Jan 19, 2018Metadata Labels
Acreage2012-2017Change reference_period_desc from YEAR - JUN FORECAST to YEAR - JUN ACREAGE for unit_desc ACRES and commodity_desc not HOPS.Jun 27, 2018Metadata Labels
Hops2018Change two variety names in class_desc for commodity_desc HOPS.Feb 06, 2019Metadata Labels
Chickpeas1937-2018For commodity_desc BEANS and class_desc containing CHICKPEAS; move CHICKPEAS to commodity_desc. Mar 28, 2019Metadata Labels
Dry Edible Beans1909-2018For commodity_desc BEANS and class_desc DRY EDIBLE or DRY EDIBLE, (EXCL LIMA); add either INCL CHICKPEAS or (EXCL CHICKPEAS) for data clarification.Mar 28, 2019Metadata Labels

Last Modified: 05/23/2018