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Land Use Strata

The USDA-NASS area sampling frame delineates all parcels of land for the purpose of sampling. The area frame is constructed by visually interpreting satellite imagery to divide a state into stratification classes (strata) based on percent of land used in cultivation. Strata are typically defined by percent cultivated, non-agricultural land, urban use, agri-urban, or water.

  • Select a state from the map to view the most recent land use strata map for that state.

  • Select a state from the text below the map to download a ZIP archive containing additional files associated with that state, including shape files and a pdf formatted version of the land use strata map.

Image map showing the entire United States.  Each state links to its most recent land use strata map California Nevada Oregon Washington Idaho Montana Utah Arizona Wyoming Colorado New Mexico North Dakota South Dakota Minnesota Iowa Wisconsin Nebraska Hawaii Kansas Oklahoma Texas Puerto Rico Louisiana Arkansas Missouri Illinois Indiana Mississippi Tennessee Kentucky Ohio Michigan Alabama Georgia South Carolina Florida North Carolina Pennsylvania New York Virginia Vermont New Hampshire Vermont New Hampshire Maine Massachusetts Rhode Island Connecticut Connecticut West Virginia New Jersey New Jersey Delaware Delaware Maryland Maryland

Higher resolution maps are also available: US level | US level without state labels

ZIP archives

Each individual state zip file contains shape files, metadata, a pdf formatted version of the land use strata map, as well as other files associated with that state.

* PDF images are best viewed using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Last Modified: 10/04/2022