Understanding Agricultural Statistics

Through education and outreach NASS aims to assist data users in understanding and interpreting NASS's programs and publications. To better understand agricultural statistics information has been provided on regulations guiding the agency, NASS agricultural statistics programs, and data quality and methodology.

The following are the first pieces in a long-term effort to better serve NASS data users. This material will be updated and new material will be added over time.

Regulations Guiding NASS

Agricultural Statistics Programs

Data quality and methodology

Statistical Aspects of Surveys

A Series of Articles for Nontechnical Readers

These articles were originally written in 1989 to communicate key statistical concepts of NASS surveys to nontechnical readers.  Authors were told to not lose sight of the target audience and to be creative in their presentation.  In 2008, these articles were edited to replace dated references and examples.  The authors listed are the original authors.

Last Modified: 01/23/2023