You can help alert USDA about crop progress and unusual crop conditions DURING the growing seasons. Instead of waiting until the crop is in, you can give us an early warning of crop situations that may need our attention for possible assistance.

  • How much time is expected of me?
  • How can I become a weekly crop reporter?
  • How do I report each week?
  • When does this program begin and end?
  • Can I see an example of the Internet reporting system?
  • How am I notified of when the Internet system is available for my report?
  • When is my weekly report expected?
  • How about crops that I don't know anything about?
  • How often should I respond during the growing season?
  • I am responsible for a few counties. Are you asking for a separate report for each one?
  • Do I get any credit for doing this?
  • What are the publications that come from this effort?
  • I know of people in other organizations who are already reporting for my county. Why should I report too?

Last Modified: 05/04/2018