Texas Agricultural Statistical Districts Map

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Texas is divided into 15 districts. The legend table to this map is located on the right.
Color Key Code Numeric Name Geographic Name
color key for Northern High Plains 11 District 1-North Northern High Plains
color key for Southern High Plains 12 District 1-South Southern High Plains
color key for Northern Low Plains 21 District 2-North Northern Low Plains
color key for Southern Low Plains 22 District 2-South Southern Low Plains
color key for Cross Timbers 30 District 3 Cross Timbers
color key for Blacklands 40 District 4 Blacklands
color key for North East Texas 51 District 5-North North East Texas
color key for South East Texas 52 District 5-South South East Texas
color key for Trans-Pecos 60 District 6 Trans-Pecos
color key for Edwards Plateau 70 District 7 Edwards Plateau
color key for South Central 81 District 8-North South Central
color key for Coastal Bend 82 District 8-South Coastal Bend
color key for Upper Coast 90 District 9 Upper Coast
color key for South Texas 96 District 10-North South Texas
color key for Lower Valley 97 District 10-South Lower Valley

Last Modified: 11/21/2019