About Us


Our mission is to serve Texas, its agriculture and its rural communities by providing meaningful, accurate and objective statistical information and services.

The USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service, Texas Field Office provides current and historical statistics on agricultural commodities for the state of Texas.

We issue nearly 400 reports annually according to a schedule of predetermined dates.  Reports cover most facets of agriculture including crops, fruit and vegetables, livestock, dairy, poultry, prices, chemical use, economic statistics, farm labor, crop weather, cash receipts and aquaculture.  In addition to state estimates, we publish county estimates for major commodities.

Office Organization

The Texas Field Office is headed by Director, Wil Hundl, and Deputy Directors, Quentin Hart and Joel Moore.  The office is made up of four sections: Crop Estimates, Livestock Estimates, Operations and Surveys.

The Crop Estimates Section is responsible for crop estimates (including acreage, yield, production, stocks and economic data).

The Livestock Estimates Section is responsible for livestock, dairy and poultry estimates (including inventory, production, disposition and income, economic data and number of operations by species).

The Operations Section is responsible for maintenance and development of sampling frames and survey design, Internet and paper publications, mail facilities and processing, and information technology.

The Survey Section is responsible for conducting the training, data collection and editing necessary to provide statistical information to support the estimating program.

Last Modified: 11/21/2019