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The Ag Census Web Maps include maps of statistics based on data from the 2017 U.S. Census of Agriculture. These data were collected at the farm level and summarized to the county level for publication. The Ag Census Web Maps provide U.S. county-level data for the maps. The data are grouped into five worksheets (Crops and Plants, Economics, Farms, Livestock and Animals, Producers) within a Microsoft® Excel spreadsheet that is available for easy download. The spreadsheet data documentation includes a list of the mapped statistics available within each category. In the downloadable Excel spreadsheets:

  • All statistics are county-level measures.
  • The numeric FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standards) code and character FIPSTEXT fields contain a county code (combined State and county codes) which in most cases is the same as the county FIPS code, except for some county-level entities in Alaska.
  • The Variable Lookup worksheet links a MapID field value used in the data file with a map title. The MapID field value is used as a prefix for data field names to identify the data for a specific map.
  • A “(D)” in the <MapID>_valueText field indicates data withheld to avoid disclosing data for individual farms. For withheld data, the <MapID>_classRange field is populated, but the <MapID>_valueNumeric field is empty.
  • The County Names worksheet lists each county code and its associated county name, state name and type of county entity.

The mapped data are in the form of count, percentage, average, or ratio values. On choropleth maps showing statistical significance of change from 2012 to 2017, the “Sparse Data” class represents counties with small increases/decreases in the actual count data, though the change may be statistically significant. Refer to the Readme worksheet in the .xlsx file for more information.

You can access an additional 16 static dot density maps in the 2017 Census of Agriculture Atlas of the United States (Ag Atlas).

The 2017 Census of Agriculture data on which the maps are based can be accessed through the NASS online database Quick Stats. For definitions and explanations of specific data items see Appendix B - General Explanation and Census of Agriculture Report Form.

You can download the Ag Census Web Maps data file and documentation below. In opening the .xlsx file, you may encounter a security login window. You do not need to enter a user name and password. To dismiss the security login window and open the .xlsx file, simply click on the X in the corner of the security login window.

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