2017 Census - Ranking of Market Value of Ag Products Sold

Table Definitions

Grains, oilseeds, dry beans, and dry peas sales. Data are for the total market value of cash grains sold, including corn for grain, seed, or silage; wheat for grain; soybeans for beans; sorghum for grain, seed, or silage; barley for grain; rice; oats for grain; and other grains. Also included is the total market value of cash oilseeds sold, including sunflower seed (oil and non-oil), flaxseed, canola, rapeseed, safflower seed, mustard seed, dry beans, and dry peas.

Nursery, greenhouse, floriculture and sod. Data are for total square feet under protection and acres in the open. Individual crop data were collected for area under glass or other protection, area in the open, and sales of aquatic plants, floriculture and bedding crops, nursery crops, sod, propagative materials, food crops grown under protection, and mushroom crops. Total sales data are the summation of all crops.

Other animals and other animal products sold. This category includes number of farms and value of sales for all animals and animal products not listed elsewhere. Some examples are honey, rabbits, semen, manure, and other animal specialties.

Other crops and hay. Data are for the total market value of all crops not categorized into one of the prelisted crop sales categories on the report form and include hay sales. This category includes crops such as grass seed, hay and grass silage, haylage, greenchop, hops, maple syrup, mint for oil, peanuts, sugarcane, and sugarbeets.

Market value of agricultural products sold. This category represents the gross market value before taxes and production expenses of all agricultural products sold or removed from the place in 2017 regardless of who received the payment. It is equivalent to total sales and it includes sales by the producers as well as the value of any shares received by partners, landlords, contractors, or others associated with the operation. It includes value of organic sales, direct sales and the value of commodities placed in the Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC) loan program. Market value of agricultural products sold does not include payments received for participation in other Federal farm programs. It does not include income from farm-related sources such as customwork and other agricultural services, or income from nonfarm sources.

The value of crops sold in 2017 does not necessarily represent the sales from crops harvested in 2017. Data may include sales from crops produced in earlier years and may exclude some crops produced in 2017 but held in storage and not sold. For commodities such as sugarbeets and wool sold through a co-op that made payments in several installments, respondents were requested to report the total value received in 2017.

The value of agricultural products sold was requested of all producers. If the producers failed to report this information, estimates were made based on the amount of crops harvested, livestock or poultry inventory, or number sold.


The following abbreviations and symbols are used throughout the tables:

(-) Represents zero.
(D) Withheld to avoid disclosing data for individual farms.
(X) Not applicable.
(Z) Less than half of the unit shown.

Last Modified: 07/17/2018