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Detailed Report for 2017 Crop Year

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Summary - Released, April 19, 2018

California’s 2017 grape acreage totaled 880,000 acres. Of the total grape acreage, 829,000 were bearing while 51,000 were non-bearing. The wine-type grape acreage is estimated at 599,000 acres. Of the total acres, 560,000 were bearing and 39,000 were non-bearing. Table-type grape acreage totaled 121,000 acres with 111,000 bearing and 10,000 non-bearing. Acreage of raisin-type grapes totaled 160,000 acres, of which 158,000 were bearing and 2,000 were non-bearing.

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Grape Crush Reports

 1/ Includes raisin-type grapes. Released prior to detailed Grape Acreage Report at the top of this page.

 2/ Raisin Grape Overhead Trellis Report was initiated in 2007.

* In 2014, the name of the California Raisin Grape Overhead Trellis Report was converted to California Raisin Grape Mechanical Harvest Report.

Last Modified: 10/04/2018