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General Information - 2007

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Special Tabulations
ID Detailed Description Geography Requesting Organization Date Released
200 For the state of New York, what is the average farm loss at the county level. Also, what is the net loss with farms having $10k of sales? County Level - NY only NASS NY-FO 03/06/09
201 Farm counts with and without government payments in selected counties in four states. County Level - IA, IN, OH, PA Missouri University 03/12/09
202 Median size farm without Indian reservations for San Juan County, UT. County Level NASS UT-FO 02/10/09
203 Number of large poultry farms that have Internet access. US Level NASS GA-FO 02/11/09
204 Summary by state of farm counts for livestock, poultry, equine, camelids, bovine, aquaculture, hogs, sheep, and goats. State Level USDA - APHIS 02/18/09
205 Farm counts of Christmas trees with acres and number of trees cut by trees sold. US Level National Christmas Tree Assoc. 02/18/09
206 Number of African American farmers in Georgia by county and by size of operation. County Level - GA only EPA. 02/19/09
207 Number of farms in Lancaster County PA with sales greater than or equal to $10k. County Level - PA only University of PA. 02/24/09
208 Number of farms with $2500 or more of sales in Virginia - acreage, land use, etc. Also, for field crops and vegetables. County Level - VA only Virginia Tech University. 02/25/09
209 Farm counts and acreage by State for farms with 10K acres or more. State Level - All of US Prophet Brand. 02/25/09
210 Farm counts for farms with 10K acres or more in select counties of CA, CO, MD, and KY. County Level - CA,CO,MD,KY University of PA. 02/25/09
211 Farm labor expenditures for crop (NAICS 111) and livestock (NAICS 112) farms showing hired and contract numbers. County Level - All of USA Dept of Labor. 02/27/09
212 Number of African American farmers by size of farm in Alabama and Mississippi. County Level - AL and MS only EPA. 03/03/09
213 Iowa farms with no cropland - count of livestock and farm demographics. State Level - IA only Iowa State University. 03/05/09
214 Direct Marketing Info - subset of table 2 (Market Value), table 4 (Expenses), table 5 (Net Cash), table 6 (Govt Payments), table 7 (Income), and table 8 (Land). State Level - CT, ME, MA, NH, RI, and VT only NASS NH-FO. 03/09/09
215 Number of large dairy operations by category. State Level - All of USA Natsource. 03/10/09
216 Ranking of all counties by highest total sales. County Level - All of USA USDA - NRCS. 02/06/09
217 Further breakdown of large dairy operations by category. See: HQ0215 above. State Level - AZ, CA, ID, and TX only Natsource. 03/11/09
218 Number of dairy cow inventory by large herd size. For select states: AZ, CA, CO, FL, ID, IN, IA, KS, MI, NM, TX, and WA State Level - Selected States only Natsource. 03/11/09
219 Hired labor data by NAICS 111 (Crops) and NAICS 112 (Livestock), as found in table 7. County Level - All of USA Dept. of Labor. 03/11/09
220 Farm numbers and inventory numbers from large livestock operations. US Level USDA - NRCS. 03/13/09
221 Farm land owned in acres and number of farms broken out by farm operator age groups. US Level Environmental Defense Fund. 03/20/09
222 Farm land owned and rented in acres and number of farms broken out by acres in operation. US Level Environmental Defense Fund. 03/16/09
223 Farm tractors and trucks by acres of land. US Level Yanmar America (Diesel Engines). 03/17/09
224 Rice grower demographics - gender, ethnicity, and race. US Level USDA - ERS. 03/18/09
225 Leafy vegetable sales and acreage. County Level USDA - AMS. 03/24/09
226 Subset of growers with 500+ corn/soybean acres for the states: IL, IA, MN, NE, IN, OH, SD, MO, KS, WI, ND, MI, AR. State Level Nicholson Kovac. 04/03/09
227 American Indian farmers on and off the reservation with any agricultural activity. State Level USDA - Office of General Council. 04/07/09
228 Farmer demographics - race, ethnicity, and gender. County Level USDA - Office of Civil Rights. 04/03/09
229 Georgia poultry by district - layers, broilers, and pullets. County Level University of Georgia - Extension. 04/07/09
230 The fewest number of farms accounting for exactly 50 percent of sales (or including the first farm that exceeds 50 percent of production) for grains, poultry, hogs, cattle, and dairy. US Level General Accounting Office. 04/13/09
231 California Almond farmers demographics (race, gender, and age). State-Level California Almond Board. 04/15/09
232 Number of farms with Specialty Crops by county - New York state only. County-Level New York State Department of Agriculture. 04/20/09
233 Number of minority operators. State-Level USDA - Agricultural Marketing Service. 04/23/09
234 Number of all operators. State-Level Louisiana Rice Growers. 04/23/09
235 Number of farms that only have hired labor and only have contract labor. State-Level US Department of Labor. 04/30/09
236 Farms by race with sales $50 to $250k. State-Level American Farm Bureau. 05/01/09
--- Numbering System Will Change From Here To Streamline Reporting Process -------- NASS Datalab.
6368 ARMS III Expense Items. 2006 and 2007 Farm Improvement Expense data. National and Regional Levels Portland Cement Association. 08/13/08
7033 Minority tabulations for farms with specified crops in specified counties. Same as #233 above. State Level - various states USDA - Agricultural Marketing Service. 06/10/09
7217 Farms that use pesticides with hired farm workers by NAICS codes. US Level Abt Associates. 06/10/09
7239 Cross tabulation on farm size, value of sales, NAICS code, and age of operator. County Level - All states Nationwide Insurance. 05/05/09
7257 Adjusted mean percent of operators total household income from farming. County Level - All states Economic Research Service - ERS. 05/06/09
7267 Impact of proposed EPA pollution fines on Missouri farmers. State Level - MO Only NASS MO-FO. 05/11/09
7276 Organic farming - the number of farms (NOT sales) for Michigan and each county. County Level - MI Only Michigan State University. 05/12/09
7281 GMO district level indications for corn and soybeans from 2000 - 2008. Ratios of the different GMO varieties to the total planted acres found in South Dakota. Data from June Area Survey. District Level - SD Only South Dakota State University. 05/12/09
7291 Farm Activities - Internet Access, Income from Ag related sources, and direct sales. County Level - All states Economic Research Service. 05/13/09
7308 Economic impact of GMO. GMO survey indications for South Dakota (1996 - 2008). District Level - SD Only South Dakota State University. 05/19/09
7326 Arizona Dairy cattle labor demographics. State Level - AZ Only Parker Douglas Company. 05/21/09
7341 Sales from Organically produced commodities. County Level - All States New York Times. 05/28/09
7346 U.S. Catfish producers - farmer demographics. US Level - Nationwide New York Times. 05/28/09
7355 Farm Debt - Farm counts on young farmers, beginning farmers, and small farmers. County Level - All states Farm Credit Council. 05/15/09
7389 U.S. total number of operators for corn and soybean producers. US Level - Nationwide Successful Farming Magazine. 06/01/09
7395 Maine Organic farm data. Table 62 style. State Level - Maine Only Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Assoc. 06/18/09
7401 State level demographics information for 2007 Census dairy farms. State Level - All States Agricultural Marketing Service (USDA). 06/11/09
7405 Georgia Layer County Rankings (top 5). County Level - Georgia Only NASS GA-FO. 06/12/09
7409 Aquaculture summary by HUC2 (watershed code). Number of farms and sales values US Level - Nationwide USDA - APHIS. 06/15/09
7416 Farm Operators by race and other filtering criteria. State Level - Nationwide American Farm Bureau. 06/15/09
7421 Catskill & Delaware Watershed 1987-1992-1997-2002-2007 - farms, acres, cattle farms, dairy farms, expenses, and sales State Level - NY and Delaware Only John Jay College of Criminal Justice. 04/30/09
7423 Mink farms and sales for Utah and Wisconsin. State Level - UT and WI only DSS Management Consultants. 06/18/09
7425 Farms with 50 or more hired workers from 2007 Census. State Level - Nationwide Senator Tom Harkin - Iowa. 06/18/09
7426 Illinois fertilizer rates for 2005 corn crop. State Level - IL only Illinois State University. 06/18/09
7432 Breakout for turkeys in Virginia. State Level - VA only Virginia Cooperative Extension. 06/19/09
7437 Regional Sales Totals - Christmas trees, hay, sheep, horses, and other commodities. Regional Level - Twelve Northeast States University of Vermont. 06/22/09
7446 Value of Sales for All Specialty Crops in New York State. County Level - NY only NY State - Department of Agriculture. 06/24/09
7457 Organic Farmer Demographics. US Level - Nationwide Natural Resources Conservation Service. 06/25/09
7460 Number of New Farms (In business less than 10 years) and Young Farmers (under 36 years old). State Level - CT, MA, NH, NJ, and NY only First Pioneer Farm Credit. 06/26/09
7549 Average price per acre of Land & Buildings (2002 and 2007). Florida - Northeast counties Frank Ruff, CPA. 07/22/09
7554 Number of dairy operations by congressional district. Congressional District - Nationwide Dairy Farmers of America. 07/17/09
7555 Farm counts and operators of family farms and partnership farms from 1982 to 2007 census years. National Level Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA). 07/16/09
7556 Number of Indian farm operations by zip code found on Indian reservations in Montana. Number of those farms with Internet access. Zip Code Level - Montana Only Department of Commerce (DOC). 07/17/09
7634 Acreage of farms with corn and soybean crops including average size of farm. State-Level Nationwide Timber Hill Research. 08/06/09
7671 Livestock cross-tabulation for 2007. See #2436 for 2002 data. State-Level Nationwide USDA - APHIS. 08/25/09
7680 Number of farm laborers by NAICS code by county. County-Level Nationwide Monitor Group. 08/17/09
7681 Direct marketing and agri-tourism farm counts and gross sales. State-Level Nationwide Eckert Marketing. 08/17/09
7732 Number of operations for Hog farms with 2500+ head and Dairy farms with 700+ head. US-Level Brownfield - Ag News for America. 08/26/09
7733 All Ag counts for Navajo tribes broken out by agency, chapter house, and grazing district. Arizona Only USDA - NASS - Arizona FO. 07/24/09
7749 Dairy Farms and inventory number for eight California counties ( Kern, Tulare, Kings, Fresno, Madera, Merced, San Joaquin, and Stanislaus). Regional-Level San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District. 09/04/09
7791 2007 Farm Debt in Texas for Young, Beginning, and Small Farmers for 54 Texas counties. County-Level TX Only AgriLand, Farm Credit Services. 09/16/09
7794 Number of farms and associated total acreage of farms and number of cattle operations. State-Level Nationwide University of Tennessee. 09/15/09
7812 Number of operations that either had 500 or more milk cows or 1,000 or more Cattle on Feed. For all counties in the following States: Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, West Virginia, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, New York. County-Level Selected States WestWay. 09/18/09
7813 Number of farms with large cropland acreages and state totals for the large cattle operations. State-Level Nationwide University of Tennessee. 09/18/09
7844 Collected information on special attributes of Native American farm operators and provide it to the Office of the General Counsel. County-Level Nationwide USDA Office of General Counsel. 09/23/09
7857 Regional median farm sizes for six regions in California. Regional-Level CA Only County of Fresno. 09/25/09
7867 2007-2008 Expenses for Farm improvements, repairs, maintenance, and new construction. (See: #6368). ARMS III data. Regional-Level Nationwide Portland Cement Association. 09/30/09
7868 Breakout of total fuel expenditure data for Wisconsin by diesel, gasoline, natural gas, LP gas, and other fuels. Wisconsin-specific data for electricity used on the farm. State-Level WI Only Wisconsin Office of Energy. 09/30/09
7872 ARMS III Fuel Sub-Component Data 2007(rev.) and 2008. Broken out by economic class. US-Level USDA Office of General Counsel. 10/01/09
7905 Attributes of farms with rented land. Some demographics: farms with net gain, household income, number of days worked off farm, years on farm, age of operator, NAICS codes, percent of total land rented by sales class, etc. Iowa and US-Level Iowa State University. 10/07/09
7931 Number of acres in New York under crop insurance broken out by dairy herd size groups. NY State Only Cornell University. 10/15/09
7947 Attributes of dairy farms in NY by farm size - acres insured, corn, soybeans, pasture,hay, etc. New York State Only New York State Dept of Agriculture and Markets. 10/16/09
7951 Labor statistics for NY farmers and northeastern states farmers including NAICS codes, number of hired farm workers, number of operators, etc. Northeastern Regional-Level and NY only NY Center for Ag Medicine and Health. 10/19/09
7952 Grain storage and crop harvested acres by state and farm size. State-Level Martron (Canada). 11/19/09
8019 Georgia minority data - number of principle operators by race and ethnicity for all counties. County-Level GA Only Rural Development, USDA. 10/30/09
8059 Number of farms in South Carolina with any livestock. County-Level SC Only Clemson Livestock Poultry Health. 11/06/09
8060 95% confidence interval for cropland on all states. State-Level All US EPA. 11/06/09
8071 Count of farms with CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) in the state of California. County-Level CA Only University of California. 11/10/09
8077 Farm net counts of corn, soybeans, wheat, beef cows, fed cattle, dairy cows, hogs, cotton, and rice. US-Level All US Telvent DTN. 11/12/09
8086 California farm workers from farms with more than 100 workers in 17 specific counties. County-Level CA Only Burns Consulting Associates. 11/17/09
8106 Total money spent on contract labor and hired labor by congressional districts. Congressional District - NC only. North Carolina Farm Bureau. 11/19/09
8110 Policy implications on socially disadvantaged farms regarding Aqua and Apples. County-Level CA and HI USDA - APHIS. 11/23/09
8170 Acreage from Crop Yield Categories (for corn, soybeans, and winter wheat) in 2007 Census for Iowa. County-Level IA Only Kansas State University. 12/17/09
8175 Median income for Coos County Oregon, 1992 Census. County-Level Coos County, OR Verner Law Office. 12/10/09
8190 County Summary by farm topology with irrigated land in New Mexico. County-Level NM Only New Mexico State University. 12/17/09
8196 Apple moth by operator race in Hawaii and California. County-Level CA and HI only USDA - APHIS. 12/08/09
8211 Number of hired workers on farms that have 10 or fewer hired workers. State-Level - All US National Institution of Safety and Health (NIOSH). 12/30/09
8219 Number of beef cattle farms that grew wheat and the number of acres grown. Also, the number of cattle farms that grew grains and the number of acres grown. County-Level All US Syngenta. 01/15/10
8230 Nebraska wheat farms by congressional district and associated sales. Congressional Districts - NE only NASS NE FO. 01/06/10
8255 Beginning and socially disadvantaged producers. Principle operators with 10 years or less of farming. County-Level - All US Farm Service Agency. 01/05/10
8260 Number of farms in NY by sales class. NY - State Level NY State Senate. 01/11/10
8262 Number of New York State farms with a large total sales and large dairy sales. Also, see 8260. State-Level NY only New York State Senate. 01/12/10
8282 Number of small farms by county and by zip code. Also, the average age of those farms. County-Level All US Tango Management Consulting. 01/13/10
8334 Value of sales sold directly to individuals for human consumption. GA - State Level University of Georgia. 02/02/10
8335 Median value of government payments - Large Farms. OH - State Level Good Food Strategies. 01/22/10
8342 Corn Yield Distribution from 2009 December Ag Survey. US & State Level Syngenta. 01/22/10
8381 Number of dairy farms with milk cows and Internet access. All US - County Level Dinamica Generale (Italy). 02/16/10
8382 Data on young, beginning, and small farmers. Only States: CA, KS, NV, and OK - County Level American Ag Credit. 02/22/10
8412 Most all possible variables (Table 62) by NAICS. Total of Eight counties in San Joaquin Valley, California Applied Development Economics. 05/25/10
8413 Grain storage bushels, harvested acres, corn or soybeans NAICS, without dairy. County level - 10 Midwestern states University of Wisconsin - Madison. 05/26/10
8440 Workers and operators by worker class. US Level NYCAMH. 02/08/10
8457 African American catfish farmers in Alabama. (See also: 8464). AL - State Level Office of Civil Rights. 02/12/10
8464 2002 & 1997 data about African American catfish farmers (similar to #8457). AL - State Level Office of Civil Rights. 02/16/10
8480 Federal Farm Worker Assistance data. US & State Level Department of Labor. 02/19/10
8486 New England farms with less than $750k in sales. (CT, ME, MA, NH, RI, and VT) State Level University of New Hampshire. 02/24/10
8488 Yield brackets for December 2008 Crop Stocks Survey. State Level - AL only Syngenta. 03/08/10
8496 Acreage from Idaho crops of farms with 500+ acres. ID - County Level Boise State University. 02/22/10
8536 Number of workers on large dairy farms with large sales. State Level - NY only NY State Senate. 03/01/10
8560 Farm counts within a county within a zip code (Columbia County). County Level - NY only Hawthorne Valley Farm. 03/12/10
8565 Organic data - cross tabulations with sales for organic farms, mixed farms, and farms with livestock. US Level Environmental Work Group. 04/09/10
8572 Farms in Chesapeake Bay Basin (farm counts on incomes, expenses, etc.). County Level World Resources Institute. 03/05/10
8592 Arizona vegetable farms by sales class with Indian farm counts. State Level - AZ only Arizona State Inspector. 03/10/10
8598 Attributes of women, Hispanic, and Indian in New Mexico. County Level - NM only New Mexico State University. 03/11/10
8599 Attributes (age, race, Internet access, etc.) of bee producers from 2007 AgCensus. State Level - All US Venture Charities. 03/19/10
8626 Attributes of Organic Farm producers such as expenses, acreage, practices, marketing info, etc. For commodities like grains, vegetables, nuts, horticulture, cattle, poultry, etc. Source: 2008 Organic Production Survey. US Level - All States Farmland LP. 03/17/10
8627 2007 AgCensus table 56 - Operator Race by gender. US Level Chicago Theological Seminary. 03/26/10
8649 Irrigated acres (from all crops) from 2007 AgCensus. County Level - All US USGS EROS. 03/23/10
8656 Ewe Inventory and Farm count by group size. State Level - 21 selected states USDA - APHIS. 04/05/10
8663 Attributes (acres, trees, sales, and farm counts) of Christmas Tree producers. US Level National Christmas Tree Association. 03/25/10
8709 Fruit, Vegetable, Livestock farms in North Carolina. (Simple counts) State Level - NC Only North Carolina Farm Bureau. 04/02/10
8744 Blueberry producers in Washington County, Maine. County Level - One County only Main Coast Heritage Trust. 04/09/10
8789 Iowa Fuel Expense Data (ARMS Survey) 2005 to 2008. State Level - IA Only Iowa State University. 04/15/10
8808 Farm-related income on Organic Farms. State Level Organic Trade Association. 04/29/10
8832 Natural Gas and Electricity Expenditure for 2007 (ARMS data). US Level Department of Energy. 04/23/10
8841 Farm acreage in NAICS categories for ten counties in New York. Also, a twelve county total for acreage (1997, 2002, 2007). County Level - NY only Glynwood Center, NY. 07/01/10
8859 Value of sales in NAICS for a combined ten county total (1997,2002,2007). Also, a twelve county total for sales. County Level - NY only Glynwood Center, NY. 07/01/10
8904 Grain and oilseed sales for Nebraska congressional districts. Congressional District Level - NE only Nebraska Corn Board. 05/11/10
9025 Hired workers by NAICS. U.S. Level ERG. 06/10/10
9031 Florida Hired workers on livestock farms. County Level FL only UF Emerging Pathogens Institute. 06/17/10
9041 Dairy farms with management-intensive grazing. State Level University of Minnesota - St. Paul. 06/10/17
9059 Dairy cattle, sales, acres by county in Massachusetts. County Level MA only American Farmland Trust. 06/25/10
9060 Fertilizer Prices data. State and Regional levels (U.S. wide) Montana State University. 06/25/10
9082 Number of hired workers on Florida livestock farms for a twenty county group. (See also: #9031). County level FL Only UF Emerging Pathogens Institute. 07/08/10
9122 Number of Nebraska farms with beef cows by herd size and by zip code. Also, Cattle on Feed farms by herd size and zip code. State Level NE only Nebraska cattlemen Assoc. 07/15/10
9185 Labor expense for Specialty Crop farms by state. State Level Villarejo - Consultant. 07/30/10
9238 Expenses for farm improvements, repairs, maintenance, and new construction (ARMS III data - 2008-2009) . Regional Level Nationwide Portland Cement Association. 08/18/10
9281 Demographics on women farm operators in California. County Level - CA only University of California - DAVIS. 08/26/10
9359 Farm counts for small farms and total farms. County Level - All US Tango Management Consulting. 08/24/10
9360 Number of farms with debt and total interest debt. County Level - PA & WV AgChoice. 09/01/10
9361 12 county - Total sales value. County Group - NY Only Glynwood. 09/07/10
9378 Count of hogs, turkeys, and sheep by county. County-Level All US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). 11/02/10
9379 Farm counts of animal operations. County Level - All US EPA. 09/01/10
9383 Oregon Hazelnut Farms - minority counts. State Level - OR Only USDA - AMS. 09/09/10
9384 Top 27 counties in US for orchards, cabbage, cantaloupe, lettuce, and berries. County Level - All US VA FO. 09/03/10
9390 All counties east of the Mississippi river - minority counts. County Level - Eastern States Only USDA - NRCS. 09/15/10
9417 Small farms - animal operation counts. County Level - All US Tango Management Consulting. 09/08/10
9418 Wisconsin Fuel Expenses - ARMS3 data. State Level - WI Only Wisconsin State Government. 09/08/10
9419 Number of fruit and vegetable farms by TVP intervals for New Hampshire. State Level - NH Only University of New Hampshire. 09/16/10
9435 Years on present farm of principle operator for Texas farmers that operated organic farms. State Level - TX Only Texas A & M University. 11/30/10
9441 Number of farms and number of horses on different sized horse farms in North Carolina. County Level - NC Only NC Dept of Environmental and Natural Resources. 10/07/10
9450 Median of net cash farm income in New Mexico. County Level - NM Only University of Texas. 10/12/10
9477 Farms, hired workers, and operators counts by NAICS codes (1997, 2002, and 2007). State-Level and US Monitor Group. 11/15/10
9483 Farm operator characteristics (age, sex, years on farm, residence, etc.). State-Level and US Greenhorns Non-Profit Group. 10/15/10
9509 Attributes of farms with direct sales (age, sex, race, acres, sales, typology). WA only and US Total Office of Farmland Preservation. 11/08/10
9517 Direct sales by NAICS codes (number of farms and dollar value). GA only and US Total University of Georgia. 10/12/10
9520 Dairy farms with Alfalfa production (See also #9527). State-Level and US Environmental Defense Fund. 10/29/10
9524 Number of farms by sales class (2002 and 2007). NC - District 4 Only Congressman David Price (NC). 10/29/10
9527 Dairy farms with Alfalfa production and total alfalfa production (See also #9520). State-Level and US Environmental Defense Fund. 11/02/10
9528 Market value and Government payments by Economic class by NAICS. US-Level Abt Associates. 11/19/10
9529 Top 27 counties in US for bell peppers and durum wheat. County-Level All US VA Field Office. 11/02/10
9551 Farm counts of minority principle operators by farm size. County-Level Eastern states only USDA - NRCS. 11/16/10
9554 Farming practices and farm size of California farms with women operators. See also: 9281. County-Level CA Only University of California - DAVIS. 11/23/10
9555 Counts of principle operators by race and sex. County-Level CO,KS,NE,NM,OK,SD,TX,WY states only USDA - NRCS. 11/29/10
9556 Median market value of products sold per farm in New Mexico. County-Level NM only University of Texas. 11/30/10
9952 Livestock operations by race and size groups in Georgia. County-Level GA only University of Georgia. 12/02/10
10051 Crop and Livestock farms by size. County-Level All USA Ag Media Research. 12/21/10
10053 Goat inventory and farm numbers for Oklahoma and Texas by region. Region-Level OK and TX only USDA - APHIS. 12/15/10
10147 Arkansas Farm machinery expenses - ARMS data (2007,2008,2009) with graph. State-Level AR Only Dept. of Finance and Admin. Arkansas. 12/21/10
10148 Dairy farms by herd size - 1997 Ag Census. State-Level All USA Informa Economics. 12/21/10
10268 Cattle on feed inventory dot density map. County-Level All USA USDA - ARS - Texas Field Office. 12/22/10
10477 Number of honey producing bee colonies from 1944 to 2009. State-Level All USA Self-employed CPA (California). 12/29/10
10518 Number of farms by acreage size group in all states. State-Level All USA Gallup Organization. 01/03/11
10579 Organic vegetable, fruit, nut, and berry sales less than $500K. (2008 Organic Production Survey data). This ticket contains part one and two of a three part request. See: ticket#11005. US-Level FDA. 01/10/11
10616 Farm energy expenses by NAICS codes for all states. County-Level All US USDA Office of Energy Policy and New Uses. 03/03/11
10672 Ranking of all counties in US with direct sales to consumers in 2007. County-Level All USA NH-FO. 01/13/11
10861 Number of farms with forage acreage broken out by size for every county in US. County-Level All USA Abraham Baldwin Agriculture College. 02/03/11
10863 Agriculture sales adjusted for inflation (1997-2007). US-Level Oregon State University. 02/04/11
10891 Organic Production Survey - Wheat Harvested Acreage. State-Level All USA Sirrus Partners (California). 02/09/11
10945 Number of organic farmers by race, ethnicity, and sex. HI State-Level and US-Level University of Hawaii. 02/15/11
10946 Farm counts of livestock (cows, hogs) and crop acreage (corn, soybeans). US-Level Telvent DTN. 02/14/11
11005 Organic Production Survey - Number of farms selling to wholesale markets (broken out by total sales size groups). See also ticket #10579. This request is part three of a three part request. US-Level FDA. 02/11/11
11041 2010 June Area Survey - Quartiles of cropland and pasture land land values. For seven states: Kansas, Texas, Indiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Kentucky, Wisconsin. State-Level - KS,TX,IN,MS,MO,KY,WI. USDA - NRCS. 02/24/11
11056 Total sales and number of workers by NAICS codes. Level US Small Business Administration. 03/14/11
11064 CRP/WRP payments by sex by state (dollars and acres). State-Level All US Iowa State University. 02/25/11
11134 FRIS data comparing water usage for corn, soybean, and wheat. WGP - western great plains - (states: CO,KS,NE,ND,OK,SD,TX,WY) US-Level and WGP Monsanto Company. 03/07/11
11183 Value of sales and demographics for certain counties in Kansas. Counties at Group-Level in KS Kansas State University. 03/15/11
11201 Illinois Farm numbers of sales values by category and by zip code. State-Level IL Only Illinois Farm Bureau. 03/15/11
11216 2009 Census of Horticulture data on Christmas trees sold ranked by acres of production. County-Level NC Only NC Cooperative Extension. 03/07/11
11304 Relative Standard Error for FRIS data elements (1998, 2003, and 2008). State-Level all US and US-Level University of Washington. 03/31/11
11363 Milk and other dairy products from cows. Subset of table 40: "Farm Concentration of Market Value of Agricultural Products Sold (2007)". New England States Only Consultant to APHIS-USDA. 03/17/11
11393 2006 ARMS III Broiler Survey - for all variables: mean, median, standard deviation, and percentiles. For Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyards Association (GIPSA). US-Level USDA - GIPSA. 05/03/11
11469 NASS Quick Stats data on DVD as of April 2011. County-Level all US WeatherBill. 04/06/11
11503 Farm counts of pasture land broken out by acreage size. County-Level all US Dupont Crop Protection (Texas). 04/15/11
11547 GIS Map of change in wheat plantings (spring & winter) 1995-2010. US-Level only North American Millers' Association (NAMA). 04/13/11
11607 Direct sales < $500k and at least 50% of total sales. US-level only University of Pennsylvania. 04/15/11
11676 Number of cattle operations in NY broken out by zip code. Zip code-level NY only State University of New York. 04/26/11
11777 Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts, and vineyards data in the 1st congressional district in Minnesota. Congressional District MN only Congressional Inquiry. 05/09/11
11885 Number of operators in US by county for each race and Hispanic origin. County-Level All US USDA - NRCS. 05/10/11
11968 Livestock inventory by county. County-Level All US EPA. 05/13/11
12122 Cropland, Corn, Cotton, and Rice acreage by watershed district in Louisiana. County-Level LA Only NASS LA Field Office. 05/24/11
12268 Farm count of farms making less than $500k for specified commodities. US-Level Arizona State University (News21). 06/06/11
12411 Farm sales by race and by county. County-Level All US AgFirst Farm Credit Bank. 06/09/11
12489 Milk goat farm count by herd size in Texas for 2007, 2002, and 1997. State-Level Texas Only Prairie View A&M University. 06/15/11
12497 Summary of market value of agricultural products sold (Table 59). Expand data values for farm numbers, cropland, land in farms, and irrigated land at the county level for Nebraska only. County-Level NE Only University of Nebraska. 06/16/11
12592 Number of farms that account for 67% of market value of Ag Products Sold (like table 40). US-Level National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition. 06/28/11
12974 Number of beef cattle in each congressional district - all states. Congressional District National Cattlemen's Beef Assoc. 07/13/11
12988 Years on operation - across several census (1997,2002,2007). US-Level Office of Advocacy and Outreach - USDA. 07/14/11
13066 Hogs by primary operation type, by county. County-Level All US APHIS - NAHMS - USDA. 07/18/11
13087 Oregon farm demographics (tenure, occupation, and age). Selected Counties in OR & WA Lewis & Clark College. 07/18/11
13127 Organic Production Survey - See tickets: 10579 and 11005 for more info. US-Level FDA. 07/20/11
13182 Livestock inventory, sales, and acreage for medium-sized farms. County-Level All US EPA. 08/25/11
13448 Sum of acreages for those farms with cash rents for land/buildings/grazing fees (1997,2002,2007). County-Level Morris County NJ Only Holzhauer & Holenstein, LLC. 08/15/11
13626 Breakdown of largest sales categories in Table 2 and breakdown of largest acres categories in Table 9 of the 2007 AgCensus. for the corn states (IL,IN,IA,KS,MN,MO,NE,ND,OH,SD,TX,WI). State-Level (Corn States) Sirrus Partners. 08/10/11
14072 Internet Usage, All Farms and Organic Farms. US-Level Purdue University. 08/30/11
14177 Farmland owners count by race and ethnicity. County-Level All US USDA - NRCS. 09/02/11
14606 Farmers by Age by County in Minnesota. County-Level MN Only Southwest Initiative Foundation. 10/04/11
14610 Value of Machinery and Equipment by NAICS. US-Level York University - Ontario Canada. 10/14/11
15028 Table Egg Layer counts and inventory. State-Level All US FDA. 10/12/11
15240 Number of operations (farms) and inventory (counts) of animals of farms with at least 3 species. State-Level All US New Mexico State University. 10/25/11
15384 Land use by county (farm counts and acres). County-Level All US Vanderbilt University. 11/03/11
15385 Nurseries under glass by county in California (farm numbers and sq. ft). County-Level CA Only ICF International. 11/03/11
15473 Production of fruits and vegetables for a 9-county total in New York State. (Chemung, Genesee, Livingston, Monroe, Ontario, Orleans, Steuben, Wyoming, Yates ). Number of farms and acres for harvested, processing, and fresh market. Nine County Total for NY Only Cornell University. 11/08/11
15476 Labor by County and NAICS. Number of farms, operators, workers, and expenses. County-Level All US Exceed Analysis - Canada. 11/08/11
15534 Animal Feeding Operations by county in six states: DE,MA,NY,PA,VA,WV. County-Level Six States Only EPA. 11/14/11
15617 Young, New, Minority farmers - sales by county in Oregon and Idaho. County-Level OR + ID Only Northwest Farm Credit Services. 11/18/11
15663 Count of large farms across the USA for 2007. US-Level Telvent DTN. 11/29/11
15677 Farm and operator demographics by 'Years on Present Farm' for Massachusetts farmers by county and state for 1997 AgCensus. A list of demographics include: number of operators, sex of operators, primary occupation, days worked off farm, age group, average age, and race. County-Level MA Only CISA. 12/13/11
16550 2007 Western Colorado Land Acreage Aggregate Totals (for 29 counties: Alamosa, Archuleta, Chaffee, Conejos, Costilla, Delta, Dolores, Eagle, Garfield, Grand, Gunnison, Hinsdale, Jackson, Lake, La Plata, Mesa, Mineral, Moffat, Montezuma, Montrose, Ouray, Pitkin, Rio Blanco, Rio Grande, Routt, Saguache, San Juan, San Miguel, Summit). Land categories: cropland, pasture, woodland, etc. County Group-Level CO Only USDA - NRCS. 02/07/12
16614 2007 AgCensus Congressional District profiles in spreadsheet form. Note: see #21911 for 2002 profile in spreadsheet form. Congressional District-Level All US Informa Economics, Inc. 02/06/12
16758 2010 ARMS III Seed and Plant Expenses for California. Also an aggregate of the western states (CA,CO,ID,MO,NV,NM,OR,UT,WA,WY). State-Level CA only and Western Region. Farm Reach. 02/15/12
16798 2007 AgCensus Organic Farm count in Northeast US by county and farm size. County-Level (NJ,NY,PA,ME,NH,VT,MA,RI,CT) Only NASS NY FO. 02/16/12
16984 Maple Syrup on farms, labor, and taps. State-Level All US International Maple Syrup Institute. 03/07/12
16995 Number of hired labor on Wisconsin dairy farms - 1997 to 2007. State-Level WI Only OSHA. 03/02/12
17352 Number of workers by NAICS by congressional district. Congressional District-Level All US ICF International. 03/30/12
17451 California production expenses and net cash farm income for select commodities. County-Level CA Only California Air Resources Board. 03/28/12
17460 Number of farms with 10 or more workers by NAICS 111 (Crop) and NAICS 112 (Animal). State-Level All US Eastern Research Group, Inc. 03/30/12
17499 Livestock and Farming (Sales and Expenses). NAICS 112111 and 1124. Also, data on labor and livestock inventories. County-Level All US US Bureau of Land Management (BLM). 05/30/12
17660 Horse inventory and number sold in Morris and Somerset counties of New Jersey. County-Level NJ Only Great Swamp Watershed Association. 04/12/12
17671 New York dairy (acres, number of head, sales, number of farms) by county in 1992. County-Level NY Only Yale University. 04/13/12
17820 1997 - 2002 Crop by size groups. This includes the following commodities: Barley, Corn, Sorghum, Wheat, and Oilseeds (Canola, Soybean, and Sunflower). State-Level All US Pioneer hi-Bred International. 05/31/12
18098 Organic farms in CA, IN, ME, and OH. Subset of tables 2, 29, and 46. Total sales, Land use, and Farm demographics are covered. County-Level for CA IN ME OH Only Purdue University. 06/11/12
18398 2007 Livestock Data (Hogs, cattle, goats, and sheep) by operator age groups. Also, the number of women goat farm primary operators in 1997 and 2007. US-Level US Total USDA - APHIS. 05/24/12
18481 New Jersey County Profiles - breakdown. County-Level NJ Only NASS NJ-FO. 07/19/12
18490 2007 and 2002 farm counts of combinations of cotton, corn, and soybeans acreage by state. State-Level All US Pioneer Hi-Bred International. 06/25/12
18782 Specialty Crops with dairy farms. Number of farms with woman primary operators and Hispanic operators. Other demographics concerning dairy farms in Washington. State-Level WA Only Washington State Dept. of Agriculture. 06/13/12
18896 Livestock with Corn or Soybean. A percentage of livestock farms that also grew corn or soybean. A breakout of individual livestock commodities, (cattle, hogs, sheep, goats, poultry, horses, and mules). State-Level All USA Osborn + Barr Communications. 06/21/12
19021 Farms, forage land, and cattle for 23 states (AL, CT, DE, FL, GA, KY, MA, MD, ME, MS, NC, NH, NJ, NY, OH, PA, PR, RI, SC, TN, VA, VT, WV) . County-Level Selected States USDA - NRCS. 08/27/12
19201 2008 FRIS (Farm and Ranch Irrigation Survey) data. Off-farm water - farm counts, cost, and acre-feet. At the state level and the water regional level. State-Level All USA University of Arkansas. 09/11/12
19520 Soybean and corn farms - NAICS counts by county - 1982 to 2007. County-Level All USA Bangor University UK. 08/16/12
19531 Pennsylvania Farm Demographics for Census 2002 and 2007 and 'Top Ten' Counties for Sales and Acreage (2002 and 2007). County-Level PA Only AgChoice Farm Credit. 08/09/12
19685 Number of farm operators by state that are 80 years old or older. All of USA has 119,075 primary farm operators that are 80 years old or older. 2007 Ag Census. State-Level All USA Bloomberg. 08/10/12
19733 2007 Iowa Breeding Hogs - Farrow to Finish, Farrow to Wean (farm number and inventory). State-Level IA Only Iowa Pork Industry Center. 08/28/12
19758 Corn and Soy GMO 3 year average total acreage in district 80 of Maryland. District-Level MD Only Potomac River Association. 08/15/12
19822 Farm numbers, acres, number of workers, by size of farm and NAICS in seven counties from Washington State (Grant, Island, Lewis, Okanogan, Skagit, Thurston and Yakima) and three counties in California (San Luis Obispo, Santa Cruz, and Sonoma). County-Level CA and WA Only Washington State University. 08/30/12
20053 California total sales by farm size for the county of San Luis Obispo. County-Level CA Only Agricultural Sustainable Institute. 09/14/12
20124 Acreage by size group for all counties in USA. County-Level All USA Equipment Technologies. 10/17/12
20311 Number of Hispanic farms by county 1997. County-Level All USA NRCS. 09/28/12
20443 Number of tractors (100+ HP) in USA by NAICS 111 for 1997, 2002, and 2007 broken down by farm size and age groups. US-Level All USA Vertical Research Partners. 11/07/12
20516 2008 FRIS - Pumping capacity and operating pressure by state. State-Level All USA Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. 10/22/12
20527 Farm count for operations with 50 or more wheat acres in the Pacific Northwest by specified county in Oregon, Idaho, and Washington states. County-Level OR, ID, and WA University of Idaho. 10/25/12
20561 New York State dairy farm count by zip code. Zip Code-Level NY Only New York Dept. of Agriculture. 10/29/12
20575 U.S. 2002 Farm Fuel Expenses (ARMS data). US-Level All USA Texas A&M University. 10/31/12
20588 Wisconsin Fuel Expense Summary 2010-2011 (ARMS data). State-Level WI Only Wisconsin State Energy Office. 11/01/12
20589 Farm Improvement Expense, Repair, and Maintenance 2010-2011 (ARMS data). US-Level All USA Portland Cement Association. 11/01/12
20610 2007 Farm hired labor by NAICS for Michigan and Oregon states only. County-Level MI and OR Only Larson Assistance Services. 11/05/12
20647 U.S. 2002 Farm Fuel Expenses by NAICS (Crops and Livestock) (ARMS data). US-Level All USA Texas A&M University. 11/06/12
20887 Value of land and buildings 1992 to 2007. Included values are total acres and average cost per acre. County-Level IL,IN,IA,MO, and OH States Only American University. 12/04/12
20904 Corn stalks count per acre for years from 1964 to 2011. States in corn belt included: IL,IN,IA,KS,MN,MO,NE,OH,SD,WI and US total. State-Level Corn Belt States Monsanto Company. 12/03/12
20907 Dairy farm count by herd size group. Group sizes: small(1-199), medium(200-699), and large(700+). State-Level All USA University of Georgia. 12/03/12
21359 2011 ARMS data for fuel production expenditure sub-components (diesel, gasoline, LP gas, and other fuels) by economic class, type of farm, and region. State-Level All USA Distributive Power Generation, Inc. 01/29/13
21362 2011 ARMS data for Arkansas fuel production expenditure sub-components (diesel, gasoline, LP gas, and other fuels) by type of farm (crop, livestock). State-Level AR Only State of Arkansas - DFA. 01/29/13
21526 Acres harvested for listed crops in Niagara and Erie counties NY. County-Level NY Only New York State University. 02/19/13
21703 All rented acres by county and operations with cash rent expense by county. Similar to tabulation #13448. County-Level All USA USDA - FSA. 03/01/13
21801 North Carolina hired farm labor by size category for NAICS 1122 and for any farm with hogs and pig inventory. Data at the state and county levels. County-Level NC Only Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. 03/15/13
21905 The data for the 2007 Census of Agriculture County Highlights for Women on Farms (PDF file). This special tabulation is for Greene County Tennessee only. The highlights were converted to spreadsheet form. County-Level TN Only University of Iowa. 03/27/13
21911 2002 Congressional District profile data converted to spreadsheet form. See: #16614 for a copy of the 2007 congr. distr. profile in spreadsheet form. Congressional District Level All USA University of North Carolina. 04/02/13
22042 Number of farms with fruit/veg acreage of less than 1,000 acres for all counties in California in 2007. County-Level CA Only Farms Reach. 04/18/13
22046 Southeast US irrigated acres in 2007, 2002, and 1997 for peanuts, corn, cotton, soybeans, wheat, sugarcane, and sorghum. County-Level AL, FL, GA, NC, and SC Only Clemson University. 04/18/13
22116 2007 number of farms with livestock, fruit/veg acreage of less than 1,000 acres for all counties in California. County-Level CA Only Farms Reach. 04/24/13
22125 2007 number of farms with over 2,000 acres by NAICS and some counties in New York. Counties: Albany, Columbia, Dutchess, Orange, Rennsalaer, Saratoga, Ulster, and Washington. Also, two add on requests for farms with over 180 acres and farms with over 500 acres in states of MD,NY,PA. County-Level NY Only Global Green. 04/25/13
22153 Market value by type of organization for 1992, 2002, and 2007. County-Level All USA Bard College. 04/29/13
22349 2007 New Jersey NAICS and Economic Class by 'Land in Farms' which includes number of farms and acreage. State-Level NJ Only NJ Dept of Agriculture. 04/18/13
22452 2008 FRIS - same as table 30 but with state level numbers - crops irrigated and harvested by distribution. State-Level All USA McGill University - Canada. 05/29/13
22590 2011 Organic Apples, Pears, Berries for an aggregate total of states in the northeast and another group on the east coast (acreage and sales). From the 2011 Certified Organic Production Survey (April 2012). Northeast: VT, ME, MA, CT, NH, RI, NY, NJ, PA **** East of MS River: (Northeast states and) AL, DE, FL, GA, IL, IN, MD, KY, MI, MS, NC, OH, SC, TN, VA, WV, WI. Regional-Level Red Tomato - Plainville, MA. 06/12/13
22592 2007 Alfalfa acres (irrigated and non-irrigated), farm counts, and yield in tons. Farms reporting alfalfa for dry hay and no haylage or greenchop from alfalfa and no alfalfa seed and having 20 or fewer cattle. State-Level and US USDA-ARS. 04/18/12
22632 Cropland farm counts, acres, sales, and demographics for the states of Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio. County-Level IN, MI, and OH only Ohio State University. 06/17/13
22757 Weekly Topsoil Moisture data starting in June 2013. State-Level BTG Pactual - Geneva. 07/02/13
22827 NC grain and bean farm counts. Farms with more than $500K of sales AND produce some fruits and/or vegetables, BUT fruit/vegetable combined was less than $250K of sales. (also a second farm count same as first but with fruit/vegetable combined was less than $25K of sales. State-Level NC only North Carolina Farm Bureau. 07/16/13
22906 GM corn percentage of planted in Arkansas. A 5 year average (2009-2013). State-Level AR only University of Arkansas. 07/22/13
22999 Farms by Market Value for Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington. This is similar to Table 3 "Farms by Market Value of Agricultural Products Sold" with categories for '$5M to $20M' and '$20M+'. State-Level AK, ID, MT, OR, and WA only Northwest Farm Credit. 08/27/13
23011 2007 Congressional district number of farms and operators. Congressional District-Level All states Washington Post. 08/01/13
23155 Number of farms by acreage size groups for 1997 and 2002. Zip code-Level FL only University of Florida. 08/27/13
23158 2007 Honey production in pounds on farms with organic acreage. Also, farm counts of operations with honey prod. and organic acreage (at state-level). US-Level USDA - NASS. 08/29/13
23160 2007 Farm counts by economic class and acreage group for 10 counties in California. Also, a bar chart showing the percentage representation of farms, acres, and sales broken down by economic class for 2007 California Vegetable Production. County-Level CA only Los Angeles Food Policy Council. 09/23/13
23161 Percentage of Latino citrus farms in California with farm counts for 1997, 2002, and 2007. State-Level CA only and USA total University of Texas. 09/10/13
23162 ARMS 2 Fertilizer data - percent of growers that apply fertilizer by commodity by state. State-Level All US USDA - OCE. 09/10/13
23163 ARMS II 2010 Fertilizer data - percent of growers that apply fertilizer by commodity by state. Two main types of fertilizers: Urea Ammonium Nitrate (UAN) and Ammonium Nitrate (AN). Percent of custom applicators. State-Level USDA - Office of Chief Economist. 09/06/13
23166 ARMS 3 - 2012 Fuel and Electric data for Wisconsin. State-Level WI only Wisconsin State Energy Office. 09/19/13
23170 ARMS 3 data on 2012 Farm improvement expenses, repairs, and maintenance. See other years: #6368, #7867, #9238, #20589. US and Regional level Portland Cement Assoc. 10/17/13
23171 2002 and 2007 Sorghum by 'hydrologic unit code' for nine Regions: Pacific Northwest, Arkansas-White-Red, Missouri, Ohio, Tennessee, Upper Mississippi, Great Lakes, Texas-Gulf, and South Atlantic-Gulf. Regional Level Tetra Tech. 10/31/13
23172 2007 and 2012 Farms with Horses and beef cows on more than 2000 acres by farms with 200 to 499 beef cows and 500 or more. US level and for Texas, Montana, and Nebraska. State-Level TX, MT, and NE only and USA Schneider (Germany). 06/11/14
23173 2006-2012 MN Fertilizer data. State-Level MN Only Utah State U. 04/22/14
23175 Production, planted and harvested acreages for sorghum, irrigated acreages for sorghum, and irrigation water volume by state at 1998, 2003, 2008. Web links are provided to previously published data. State-Level All USA Argonne National Laboratory. 02/24/14
23176 A bar chart showing the percentage representation of farms, acres, and sales broken down by economic class for 2007 California Fruit & Nut Production (limited to nine counties). See: #23160 for a similar request but for vegetables. County-Level CA only Los Angeles Food Policy Council. 03/11/14
23177 2007 farms with more than 2000 acres of corn, soybean, and wheat. Report the number of farms, crop sales, total acres, and average acres per farm. State-Level All USA Solum. 02/28/14

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