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General Information - 1997

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Special Tabulations
ID File Title Detailed Description Geography Requesting Organization
75 Pennsylvania Livestock Farms Number of livestock farms (Alpacas, Llamas, Bison, Cattle, Deer, Elk, Goats, Sheep, Horses, Swine, Poultry, Aquaculture) and also a breakdown by these categories. This was done at the county level for Pennsylvania. Counties in Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture
76 Number of Farms and Commodities grown in Arizona A simple request for a list of commodities grown in AZ and the number of farms by commodity. State of Arizona Only Arizona Department of Agriculture
77 95th Percentile of TVP in Massachusetts 95th percentile of farmer's farm number out of total farms - Total Value of Production (TVP) - Farms count over $750,000 TVP. NAICS codes of farms at or above 95th percentile of TVP for Massachusetts. State of Massachusetts Only Massachusetts Department of Agriculture
78 Texas Counties - Cattle on Feed For the 1997 Ag Census, this gets data for few counties near their potential ethanol refining plant, which also produces distillers grain that can be sold to cattle feed lots. Only one datum is wanted for those counties and two conglomerations of small counties: number of feedlots with over 500 cattle sold that were on feed, and the number of those cattle sold. State of Texas Only National Grain Sorghum Producers
79 California Pistachio Farms Race, sex, and Hispanic origin data given the farmer is a pistachio California farmer. State of California Only Agricultural Marketing Service
80 Number of Farms with 10K acres or more The number of farms in the US with 10,000 acres or more. All US States Unearth Magazine
81 Number of Horse Farms by SIC Code The number of horse farms and horses in the US by SIC code. US Level Schneider (Germany)
82 Livestock statistics for five ranked county groups, smallest to largest Livestock 20-percentile ranked groups of counties. Gives max, mean, and total livestock per county and per farm in each county group. Done for each of cattle, hogs, sheep, and poultry. Five groups of 615 counties each, covering the U.S. NASS North Carolina office

Part B: Additional Information - 1997
ID Reference Number Date Released Source Request Contact
75 HQ0075 2/25/04 1997 Census of Agriculture Sean Crager
76 HQ0076 3/08/04 1997 Census of Agriculture Steve Manheim
77 HQ0077 3/23/04 1997 Census of Agriculture Kevin Hintzman (NASS)
78 HQ0078 3/23/04 1997 Census of Agriculture Craig Hartman
79 HQ0079 4/19/04 1997 Census of Agriculture Jay Guerber
80 HQ0080 5/12/04 1997 Census of Agriculture Chris Jozesowicz
81 HQ0081 5/13/04 1997 Census of Agriculture Ludwig Schneider
82 HQ0082 5/19/04 1997 Census of Agriculture Craig Hayes (NASS)

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