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Crop Sequence Boundaries Using USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service Historic Cropland Data Layers
(Kevin A. Hunt, Jake Abernethy, Peter C. Beeson, Maria Bowman, Steven Wallander, Ryan Williams)

June 2024
Data Reconciliation and Estimation in an Agricultural Survey
(Habtamu K. Benecha, Denise A. Abreu, Rachael Jennings, Linda J. Young)

May 2023
An Assessment of Crop-Specific Land Cover Predictions Using High-Order Markov Chains and Deep Neural Networks
(Luca Sartore, Claire Boryan, Andrew Dau, Patrick Willis)

Apr 2023
Preseason Crop Type Prediction Using Crop Sequence Boundaries
(Jonathon Abernethy, Peter Beeson, Claire Boryan, Kevin Hunt, Luca Sartore)

Mar 2023
Assessing Machine Leaning Algorithms on Crop Yield Forecasts Using Functional Covariates Derived from Remotely Sensed Data
(Luca Sartore, Arthur N. Rosales, David M. Johnson, Clifford H. Spiegelman)

Oct 2022
Capture-Recapture Estimation of Characteristics of U.S. Local Food Farms Using a Web-Scraped List Frame
(Michael Hyman, Luca Satore, Linda J. Young)

Oct 2022
Using Small Area Estimation to Produce Official Statistics
(Linda J. Young, Lu Chen)

Sept 2022
Smoothing County-Level Sampling Variances to Improve Small Area Models’ Outputs
(Lu Chen, Luca Sartore, Habtamu Benecha, Valbona Bejleri, Balgobin Nandram)

Sept 2022
Hierarchical Bayesian Model with Inequality Constraints for US County Estimates
(Lu Chen, Balgobin Nandram, Nathan B. Cruze)

Sept 2022
Model-Based Estimates for Farm Labor Quantities
(Lu Chen, Nathan B. Cruze, Linda J. Young)

Aug 2022
Modeling Swine Population Dynamics at a Finer Temporal Resolution
(Luca Sartore, Yijun Wei, Emilola Abayomi, Seth Riggins, Gavin Corral, Valbona Bejleri, Clifford Spiegelman)
Nov 2020
Developing Integer Calibration Weights for Census of Agriculture
(Luca Sartore, Kelly Toppin, Linda Young, Clifford Spiegelman)
Nov 2018
Area Frame Design For Agricultural Surveys
(Jim Cotter, Carrie Davies, Jack Nealon, Ray Roberts)
July 2010

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