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Growing a Modern Edit and Imputation System
(Megan Lipke, Darcy Miller, Vito Wagner, Karl Brown, Vikas Agnihotrin)
JSM (August 6-11, 2022)
Automatic Imputation for an Area Survey
(Tara Murphy, Arthur Rosales, Luca Sartore, Denise A. Abreu)
Extending the Dual-system Estimation for the Census of Agriculture
(Habtamu Benecha, Luca Sartore, Grace Yoon, Bruce A. Craig, Denise A. Abreu, Linda J. Young)
Uncertainty Assessment of Finite-population Medians Under Complex Capture-Recapture Sampling Designs
(Luca Sartore, Habtamu Benecha, Valbona Bejleri, Lu Chen)
IGARSS 2022 - 2022 IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (July 17-22, 2022)
Developing Entropies of Predictive Cropland Data Layers for Crop Survey Imputation
(Luca Sartore, Claire G. Boryan, Patrick Willis)
Esri User Conference (July 11-15, 2022)
The Cop Sequence Boundaries (CSB) Project
(Kevin Hunt, Peter Beeson, Steven Wallander, Ryan Williams, Jake Abernethy)
Georeferencing Process
(Rachael Jennings)
FCSM (November 3, 2021)
Using a Web-scraped List-frame for an Agricultural Survey
(Habtamu Benecha, Bruce A. Craig, Grace Yoon, Zachary Terner, Denise A. Abreu, Linda J. Young)
JSM (August 2-6, 2020)
Dancing Distributions: Developing a Better Understanding of County-Level Crop Yield from Posterior Summaries
(Nathan B. Cruze, Lu Chen, Noemi Guindin, Balgobin Nandram)
Hierarchical Bayesian Model with Inequality Constraints for County Estimates
(Lu Chen, Balgobin Nandram, Nathan B. Cruze)
Data-Fusion Approaches to Improve Acreage Estimates
(Luca Sartore, Jake Abernethy, Claire Boryan, Lu Chen, David M. Johnson, Kevin A. Hunt, Clifford Spiegelman, Linda J. Young)
GASP (November 6, 2020)
Automatic Production of Large Spatial Price Rasters with Python
(Kevin Hunt)
Crop Classification and Uncertainty Assessment at 10-m Resolution using Google Earth Engines
(Luca Sartore, Claire Boryan)
JSM (July 27 - August 4, 2019)
Data Reconciliation and Estimation in an Agricultural Survey
(Habtamu Benecha, Denise A. Abreu, Rachael Jennings, Linda J. Young)
Model-Based Crop Yield Forecasting: Covariate Selection and Related Issues - (Paper)
(Habtamu K. Benecha, Luca Sartore, Nathan B. Cruze)
Model-Based Crop Yield Forecasting: Covariate Selection and Related Issues - (Presentation)
(Habtamu K. Benecha, Luca Sartore, Nathan B. Cruze)
Using Generative Adversarial Network to Generate Synthetic Population
(Yijun Wei, Luca Sartore, Nell Sedransk)
National Academy of Science (May 2019)
Web Scraping Natural Language Processing (NLP) for Disease Outbreak Detection and Information Extraction
(Yijun Wei, Luca Sartore, Nell Sedransk, Gavin Corral, Emilola Abayomi)
JSM (July 28 - August 2, 2018)
Assessment of a Review Process for the 2017 Census of Agriculture
(Denise A. Abreu, Linda A. Lawson, Sonia Hickman)
Combining survey and administrative data to produce official statistics
(Andreea L. Erciulescu, Nathan Cruze, Balgobin Nandram)
Considering Lessons Learned from a Bridge Study for a Business Survey
(Rachel E. Sloan, Kenneth M. Pick, Robyn Sirkis, Pamela D. McGovern)
Dancing With the Software: Selecting Your Imputation Partner
(Andrew Dau, Darcy Miller)
Deep Learning for Data Imputation and Calibration Weighting
(Yijun Wei, Luca Sartore, Jake Abernethy, Darcy Miller, Kelly Toppin, Michael Hyman)
Estimating Propensity of Survey Response by Mode Type Using Regression Trees
(Gavin Corral, Tyler Wilson, Andrew Dau)
Mitigating Standard Errors of County-Level Survey Estimates When Data are Sparse
(Valbona Bejleri, Nathan Cruze, Andreea L. Erciulescu, Habtamu Benecha, Balgobin Nandram)
Model-Based Crop Yield Forecasting: Adjustment for Within-State Heterogeneity, Covariate Selection and Variance Estimation
(Habtamu K. Benecha, Nathan B. Cruze, Noemi Guindin, Nell Sedransk)
They Spoke, We Listened: Reducing Respondent Burden Using Previously Reported Data
(Emilola J. Abayomi, Steve Maliszewski, Lindsay Kreiner, Todd Ballard)
Toward an updated publication standard for official county-level crop estimates
(Nathan B. Cruze, Andreea L. Erciulescu, Habtamu K. Benecha, Valbona Bejleri, Balgobin Nandram, Linda J. Young)
Towards a Global Convergent Algorithm for Integer Calibration Weighting
(Kelly Toppin, Luca Sartore, Clifford Spiegelman)
JSM (July 29 - August 3, 2017)
A Model-Based Approach to Crop Yield Forecasting
(Nathan B. Cruze, Habtamu K. Benecha)
An Assessment of Four Bridging Options of Agricultural Producer Demographics for the 2012 and 2017 Census of Agriculture
(David Biagas Jr.)
Capture-Recapture Estimation of Local Food Farms in the United States
(Michael Hyman)
Comparing Data Collection Methods for the June Area Survey
(Denise A. Abreu, Michael Hyman, Linda A. Lawson, Sonia Hickman)
Developments in Model-Based County Level Estimation of Agricultural Cash Rental Rates
(Michael E. Bellow, Nathan Cruze, Andreea L. Erciulescu)
Disseminating Agricultural Information via Twitter: Data Mining Content and Views
(Tara Murphy, Tyler Wilson)
Estimation of Capture Probabilities by Accounting for Sample Designs
(Jake Abernethy, Luca Sartore, Habtamu K. Benecha, Clifford Spiegelman)
Evaluation of a New Approach for Estimating the Number of U.S. Farms
(Habtamu K. Benecha, Denise A. Abreu, Jake Abernethy, Luca Sartore, Linda J. Young)
Identifying Out of Business Records on the NASS List Frame Using Boosted Regression Trees
(Gavin R. Corral, Andrew J. Dau, Jodie M. Sprague)
Restricted Multinomial Regression for a Triple-System Estimation with List Dependence
(Luca Sartore, Habtamu K. Benecha, Kelly Toppin, Clifford Spiegelman)
Small Area Estimates for End-of-Season Agricultural Quantities
(Andreea L. Erciulescu, Nathan B. Cruze, Balgobin Nandram)
The Effects of Currently Reported Data on Data Quality: An Analysis of the Agricultural Labor Survey
(Emilola J. Abayomi, Heather Ridolfo)
IGARSS - (July 23 - 28, 2017)- SMAP DATA for cropland soil moisture assessment — A case study
(Zhengwei Yang, Wade T. Crow, Lei Hu, Liping Di, Rick Mueller)
Evaluating the Impact of Training Data Pixel Level Buffering on Area Sampling Frame Stratification Results and Crop Estimates
(Claire G. Boryan, Zhengwei Yang, Robert Seffrin, Patrick Willis)
ISI - July 2017 - NASS Geospatial Applications from the Cropland Data Layer
(Avery Sandborn, Rick Mueller, Claire Boryan, Dave Johnson, Zhengwei Yang, Lee Ebinger, Arthur Rosales, Patrick Willis, Robert Seffrin, Rachel Jennings, Matt Deaton, Hubert Hamer)
Efficacy of Mobile Mapping Technology for the June Area Survey
(Wendy J. Barboza, Denise A. Abreu)
ICES-V - June 2016
Adaptive Design in an Establishment Survey: Targeting, Applying and Measuring ‘Optimal’ Data Collection Procedures in the Agricultural Resource Management Survey
(Tyler Wilson, Jaki McCarthy, Andrew Dau)
Challenges in Moving Research into the Operational Production Environment
(Wendy J. Barboza)
Developing and Testing New Survey Questions: The Example of New Questions on the Role of Women and New/Beginning Farm Operators
(Heather Ridolfo, Virginia Harris, Jaki S. McCarthy Darcy Miller, Nell Sedransk, Linda J. Young)
Developments In Model-Based Estimation Of County-Level Agricultural Estimates
(Nathan B. Cruze, Andreea L. Erciulescu, Balgobin Nandram,
Wendy J. Barboza, Linda J. Young)
Imputation’s Reaction to Data: Exploring the Boundaries and Utility of IVEware and Iterative Sequential Regression (ISR)
(Darcy Miller, Andrew Dau, Jonathan Lisic)
Incorporating Mobile Mapping Instruments in the June Area Survey Data Collection Effort
(Denise A. Abreu, Linda A. Lawson, Sonia Hickman, Michael Hyman)
Local Pivotal Methods for Large Surveys
(Jonathan J. Lisic, Nathan B. Cruze)
Using Analysis of Field Test Results to Evaluate Questionnaire Performance
(Kathy Ott, Pam McGovern, Robyn Sirkis)
FCSM - December 2015
A Bayesian Hierarchical Model for Combining Several Crop Yield Indications
(Nathan B. Cruze)
A Summary of Issues Associated With the Modernization of Data Collection
(Linda A. Lawson, Denise A. Abreu, Claire Boryan, Michael Gerling, Rick Hardin)
Comparison of Modern Imputation Methodologies on Complex Data from Agricultural Operations
(Darcy Miller, Andrew Dau, Jonathan Lisic)
Optimal Stratification and Allocation for the June Agricultural Survey
(Jonathan Lisic, Hejian Sang, Zhengyuan Zhu, Stephanie Zimmer)
Quantifying Urban Agriculture: A Case Study from Baltimore
(Linda J. Young)
Stratification of an Agricultural Area Sampling Frame Using Geospatial Cultivation and Crop Planting Frequency Data Layers
(Claire G. Boryan, Zhengwei Yang, Patrick Willis)
Using a Mobile Mapping Instrument to Evaluate a Permanent Grid Sampling Frame
(Denise A. Abreu, Linda A. Lawson, Claire Boryan, Michael Gerling, Rick Hardin, Michael Hyman)
FCSM - November 2013
Adaptive Design Strategies: Who do you target? And what do you do with them?
(Jaki S. McCarthy, Kathleen Ott, Melissa Mitchell)
Banff Automated Edit and Imputation Applied to the US Hog Inventory Survey
(James M. Johanson)
Field Data Collection Utilizing iPads on the USDA's June Area Survey
(Michael Gerling)
Incorporating Misclassification into Capture-Recapture Methodology in the 2012 Census of Agriculture
(Daniel W. Adrian, Andrea C. Lamas, Denise A. Abreu, Shu Wang, Linda J. Young)
Small Area Modeling of County Estimates for Corn and Soybean Yields in the U.S.
(Matthew Williams)
The Use of Signal Filtering for Hog Inventory Estimation
(Stephen Busselberg)
Unresolved Matched Records in Capture-Recapture Methodology
(Andrea C. Lamas, Denise A. Abreu, Shu Wang, Daniel Adrian, Linda J. Young)
Visualizing Historical Agricultural Data: The Current State of the Art
(Irwin Anolik)
FCSM - January 2012
A Stochastic /Deterministic Hybrid Approach to Solving the Cell Suppression Problem in 3-Dimensional Tables with Multi-Level Row Hierarchical Structure
(Matt Fetter)
Closing the Feedback Loop in Survey Design – How Public Sector Research Needs Inform Evolution of the Census of Agriculture
(Luanne Lohr, Donald Buysse)
Cropscape: The New Visualization, Querying, and Dissemination Web Portal for the NASS Cropland Data Layer
(Audra Zakzeski)
Implementing Quality Control Procedures at NASS’s National Operations Center
(Jeffrey M. Boone)
Small Area Prediction for a Unit-Level Lognormal Model
(Emily Berg, Hukum Chandra)
Thin Client Computer Assisted Personal Interview
(Michael Gerling)
Visualizing Agricultural Data via the Web
(Irwin Anolik)
JSM (July 30 - August 4, 2011)
Adjusting an Area Frame Estimate for Misclassification Using a List Frame
(Andrea C. Lamas, Denise A. Abreu, Hailin Sang, Pam Arroway, Kenneth K. Lopiano, Linda J. Young)
An Empirical Best Linear Unbiased Prediction Approach to Small-Area Estimation of Crop Parameters
(Michael E. Bellow, Partha S. Lahiri)
Bridging Livestock Survey Results to Published Estimates through State-Space Models:
A Time Series Approach

(Stephen Busselberg)
Collaborations Between Business/Industry/Government: Lessons Learned
(Cynthia Z.F. Clark, James Mark Harris)
Is It Feasible to Use a Sampling List Frame to Evaluate Misclassification Errors on an Area-Frame-Survey?
(Denise A. Abreu, Andrea C. Lamas, Hailin Sang, Pam Arroway, Kenneth K. Lopiano, Linda J. Young)
Small Area Estimation for Cropland Cash Rental Rates
(Will Cecere, Emily Berg, Malay Ghosh)
Using Nonresponse Propensity Scores to Improve Data Collection Methods and Reduce Nonresponse Bias
(Morgan Earp, Jaki McCarthy)
Using the DAG Jackknife to Measure the Variance of an Estimator in the Presence of Item Nonresponse
(Darcy Miller, Phillip Kott)
Utilizing Automated Statistical Edit Changes in Significance Editing
(Wendy Barboza, Kay Turner)
JSM - August 2010
Adjusting the June Area Survey for Non-response and Misclassification
(Kenneth K. Lopiano, Denise Abreu, Pam Arroway, Andrea C. Lamas, Linda J. Young)
An Alternate Approach to Assessing Misclassification in JAS
(Pam Arroway, Denise A. Abreu, Andrea C. Lamas, Kenneth K. Lopiano, Linda J. Young)
An Assessment of Imputation Methods for the USDA’s Agricultural Resource Management Survey
(Joshua D. Habiger, Michael Robbins, Sujit Ghosh)
And the Survey Data Says:
Top Facts about Our Online Respondents and How We Plan to Get More of Them

(Jaki McCarthy, Chris Gottschall)
Assessing an Administrative Data Source as a Sampling Frame
(Wendy J. Barboza, Bill Iwig)
Assessing the Effect of Calibration on Nonresponse Bias in the 2008 ARMS Phase III Sample Using Census 2007 Data
(Morgan Earp, Jaki McCarthy, Eric Porter, and Phillip Kott)
A Stochastic Search Approach to Solving the Cell Suppression Problem in 3-Dimensional Hierarchical Tables
(Matt Fetter)
Creating Synthetic Agricultural Data Sets Using Copula Techniques
(Tim Keller)
Empirical Bayes Estimation for the NASS County Estimation Program
(Michael E. Bellow and Partha Lahiri)
Establishing and Monitoring Statistical Standards in USDA-NASS
(William L. Arends)
Examining the Challenges of Missing Data Analysis in Phase Three of the Agricultural Resource Management Survey
(Darcy Miller, Michael Robbins, Josh Habiger)
Innovative Imputation Techniques Designed for the Agricultural Resource Management Survey
(Michael W. Robbins, Sujit K. Ghosh, Joshua D. Habiger)
A Method for Improving List Building: Cluster Profiling
(Will Cecere, Denise Abreu, Jaki McCarthy, Thomas Jacob)
Modeling Misclassification in the June Area Survey
(Andrea C. Lamas, Denise A. Abreu, Pam Arroway, Kenneth K. Lopiano, Linda J. Young)
Statistical Graphics of Pearson Residuals in Survey Logistic Regression Diagnosis
(Stanley Weng)
Using the Census of Agriculture List Frame to Assess Misclassification in the June Area Survey
(Denise A Abreu, Pam Arroway, Andrea C. Lamas, Kenneth K. Lopiano, 
Linda J. Young)
FCSM - November 2009
Comparison of Methods for Updating Census Based Estimates of Number of Farms to Non-Census Years
(Michael E. Bellow and Phillip S. Kott)
Four-Digits or No-Digit Social Security Numbers -- Impact on the National Agricultural Statistics Service Record Linkage Maintenance Processes
(Denise A. Abreu, Kara Daniel, Bill Iwig and Stan Hoge)
Innovative Uses of Data Mining Techniques in the Production of Official Statistics
(Jaki McCarthy, Thomas Jacob, and Dale Atkinson)
Utilizing an Alternative Sampling Frame to Produce Agricultural Survey Indications
(Wendy J. Barboza and Mark Harris)
JSM - August 2009
2007 Census of Agriculture Non-Response Methodology
(Will Cecere)
A Fresh Approach to Agricultural Statistics:  Data Mining and Remote Sensing
(Darcy Miller, Jaki McCarthy and Audra Zakzeski)
An Overview of Coverage Adjustment for the 2007 Census of Agriculture
(Matthew J. Fetter)
Assessing the Effect of Calibration on Nonresponse Bias in the 2006 ARMS Phase III Sample Using Census 2002 Data
(Morgan Earp, Jaki McCarthy, Nick Schauer, and Phillip Kott)
Identifying Sources of Survey Errors:  the 2007 Classification Error Survey for the United States Census of Agriculture
(Denise A Abreu and Jaki S. McCarthy)
Searching for Donors: Refining an Imputation Strategy
(Michael Hogye and Peter Quan)

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