Current Survey Activities

Major NASDA Survey Activities
  • Third Quarter 2017
    • July Surveys: In addition to the normal monthly surveys (Ag Prices, Cattle On Feed, etc.) the mid-year Cattle and quarterly Milk Production Surveys will be conducted to determine the US cattle inventory and the number of milk cows as of July 1 and total milk produced in June. The final small grain Agricultural Yield Survey will wrap up in early July.
    • August Surveys: Monthly Agricultural Yield Surveys resume with row crops and continue through November. These yield surveys provide first indications of production for cotton, corn, and hay. Data collection begins near the 28th of each month and continues into the first week of the following month. CAPS – the County Agricultural Production Survey for small grains begins August 1st and ends in mid-October.
    • September Surveys: In addition to the monthly Agricultural Yield Surveys, the major surveys conducted are the September Agricultural Survey and the Off-Farm Grain Stocks Survey. These both begin August 30th and continue through mid-September. These surveys provide small grain production information and how much whole grain is in storage as of September 1. CAPS – the Co6unty Agricultural Production Survey for small grains continues through mid-October. In addition, we are enumerating for the quarterly Hog Report. The first Pecan production survey begins later this month.

Last Modified: 11/26/2019