Current Survey Activities

Major NASDA Survey Activities
    • September Surveys: In addition to the monthlyAg Yield Surveys, the major surveys conducted in September are the September Ag Production Survey and the Off-Farm Grain Stocks Survey. These both begin toward the end of August and continue through mid-September. These surveys provide small grain production information and how much whole grain is in storage as of September 1. CAPS – the County Agricultural Production Survey for small grains continues through mid-October. In addition, we are collecting data for the quarterly Hog Report.
    • October Surveys: The Quarterly Agricultural Labor Survey begins mid-month; this survey collects data about hired worker numbers, hours worked and wages paid. Quarterly Milk Production begins Oct 1st. The 2023 Pecan Crop and the upcoming 2023/2024 Lemon Crop surveys will begin in early October and will provide the first indications of the size of each crop. The 2022-2023 End Of Season Vegetable Survey begins and will measure the acreage, production, price and value of Arizona’s major vegetable crops from last season. Ag Yield Surveys are on-going to forecast cotton and alfalfa yield and production.


Last Modified: 08/31/2023