About Us

The National Agricultural Statistics Service's (NASS) Puerto Rico Field Office is the U.S. Department of Agriculture agency responsible for collecting, compiling and publishing statistics on Puerto Rico agriculture. The Puerto Rico Field Office has cooperative agreements with the Puerto Rico Department of Agriculture, University of Puerto Rico , Puerto Rico Extension Service and Puerto Rico Planning Board. The mission of the office is to provide farmers, ranchers and agribusinesses with timely, unbiased, reliable statistical information.

The agricultural statistics published through the Puerto Rico Field Office are used by farmers, ranchers and agribusinesses in making production and marketing decisions. These statistics are also widely used by farm organizations, colleges and universities, transportation companies, machinery and equipment companies, banks and other lending institutions, policy makers at all levels of government, foreign and domestic buyers of agricultural products and others.

The Puerto Rico Field Office is located in the Puerto Rico Department of Agriculture, with the Puerto Rico Office of Ag Statistics at Edificio 1309 Avenida Fernandez Juncos in San Juan , Puerto Rico . The office has 2 full time federal and 23 full-time state employees. In addition to the office staff, there is a crew of enumerators who are responsible for most of the survey data collection. These employees are full time state employees and work from their offices throughout the state conducting personal and telephone interviews.

All data from farmers, ranchers and agribusinesses collected through the Puerto Rico Field Office are kept completely confidential. Confidentiality of information is protected by law, through Title 7 of the United States Code.

Last Modified: 11/20/2019