Crop Progress and Condition

The weekly Crop Progress & Condition Report includes degree days, temperature, precipitation, crop planting progress, crop development and harvesting progress. This report is issued weekly.

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Current Crop Progress and Condition Report


  Week Ending
January         31
February         28
March         31
April 01 08 15 22 29
May 06 13 20 27  
June 03 10 17 24  
July 01 08 15 22 29
August 05 12 19 26  
September 02 09 16 23 30
October 07 14 21 28  
November 04 11 18 25  
December 02       31

**Due to a combination of circumstances (including agency program changes and a lack of external funding), beginning with the 2018 growing season the following items will no longer be part of the Crop Progress and Condition program for the state of South Dakota: winter wheat jointed, turning color, and mature; sorghum emerged; spring wheat jointed, turning color, and mature; barley condition; all barley progress items; oats jointed, turning color, and mature; sunflower condition; sunflower blooming, ray flowers dried, bracts turning yellow, and bracts turning brown; alfalfa condition; alfalfa hay progress; and some livestock related items. Please feel free to contact our office (800-582-6443) if you have any questions.

Historical Crop Weather Reports

Last Modified: 12/03/2018