County Estimates

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DESCRIPTION: These files contain State and County level data for Nebraska for the previous year. County-level crop estimates are not published if any of the following conditions exist: Estimated harvested acres are less than 100, insufficient number of producer reports were received to establish statistically defensible estimates, or estimate would not guarantee confidentiality of reported data from an individual producer.

Commodity Date Query Map
Winter Wheat 12/15/23 Quick Stats Query Map
Oats 12/15/23 Quick Stats Query Map
Corn* 02/23/24 Quick Stats Query Map
Sorghum 02/23/24 Quick Stats Query Map
Soybeans* 02/23/24 Quick Stats Query Map
Sunflowers Discontinued    
Hay Discontinued    
Dry Edible Beans Discontinued    

*Irrigated and non-irrigated practices were discontinued in 2019. NASS News Release

Commodity Date Query Map
Cattle 05/08/23 Quick Stats Query Map
Commodity Date Query Map
Cash Rents 2023 08/25/23 Quick Stats Query Map

See the following link for more information: Cash Rents by County

Nebraska County and Agricultural District Map

Historic County Estimates via Quick Stats

Last Modified: 03/18/2024