Annual Statistical Bulletin

The Texas Annual Statistics Bulletin (Year 2009) is a historical five year series for all major crops, livestock and related data.  It also includes county data.  This publication is issued annually each fall.

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You can view the entire bulletin, cover to cover, or by section as shown in this table of contents below.

General Information
  • Texas's Rank in U.S. Agriculture, pages 1-2
  • Precipitation, page 3
  • 2009 Agricultural Summary, pages 4-9
  • 2007 Census of Agriculture Follow-on Surveys (2008 Farm and Ranch Irrigation Survey, 2008 Organic Production Survey), page 10
Economic Statistics
  • Value of Crop and Livestock Commodity Exports, page 12
  • Number of Farms and Land in Farms, by Economic Sales Class, page 12
  • Real Estate Value and Cash Rent, pages 13
  • Gross Income, Production Expenses and Net Income from Farming, page 13
  • Cash Receipts, pages 14-16
  • Value Added to the Economy by Agricultural Sector, page 17
  • Average Prices Received for Livestock pages 18-20
  • Average Prices Received for Field Crops, Citrus, & Vegetables pages 21-24
  • Index Numbers of Prices Received by Farmers, page 25
  • Farm Labor and Workers on Farm, page 26
  • Total Industrial Timber Harvest Volume & Value by County, page 27
Livestock Statistics
Field Crops Statistics
Vegetable, Fruit and Pecan Statistics
  • Vegetable, Fruit and Pecan Summary, page 136
  • Vegetables for Fresh Market (cabbage, cantaloupes, carrots, chile peppers, cucumbers, honeydew melons, onions, spinach, squash, sweet corn, tomatoes, watermelons, carrots, cucumbers for pickles), pages 137-139
  • Vegetables for Fresh Market & Processing (spring potatoes, summer potatoes, all potatoes, sweet potatoes), page 139
  • Selected Vegetables – Harvested Acreage, by District (cabbage, onions, potatoes), page 140
  • Selected Fresh Market Vegetables – Harvested Acreage, by District (cantaloupes, honeydew melons, watermelons), page 140
  • Fruit and Pecan (grapefruit, oranges, peaches, grapes, pecans), pages 141-142


Previous Annual Bulletins

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