Agricultural Statistics Board Chair and Director, Methodology Division

Joseph L. Parsons

Picture of Joseph Parsons, Director, Information Technology Division

Joseph Parsons is chair of USDA’s Agricultural Statistics Board and director of the NASS Methodology Division. As ASB Chair, he leads the preparation and dissemination of market- sensitive agriculture-related forecasts and estimates.

In his 30-year career at NASS, Joe has served in leadership roles throughout the agency. From late 2011 until mid-2016, he was director of the Information Technology Division (ITD) and the agency’s chief information officer. As ITD director, Parsons oversaw projects that transformed the NASS computing environment, promoting database optimization and software development essential to timely and accurate processing and analysis of official agricultural statistics. Prior to directing ITD, he was senior research statistician in the Research and Development Division, where he focused on model-based estimation, quality control, computer-assisted recorded interviewing, and the use of county assessor data to improve data collection.

Parsons was appointed to the Senior Executive Service after completing USDA’s Senior Executive Candidate Development Program and American University’s Key Executive Leadership Certificate Program. As part of his leadership training, he served a detail as visiting executive at Statistics Canada. Earlier work at NASS included serving as director of the Nebraska Field Office and deputy director of the Washington Field Office. Parsons has also been active in the agency’s international consulting work, traveling to projects in Afghanistan, Nicaragua, and the People’s Republic of China. For several years, he taught evening mathematics and statistics courses at a local university.

Last Modified: 12/29/2020