About Us

Our office is a cooperative effort of the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) of USDA and the Minnesota Department of Agriculture. The Service collects agricultural statistics and other information from farm operators and agribusinesses in Minnesota. This information is collected via mail, telephone, personal interviews, and sample crop plots.

Agricultural statisticians compile the data and issue official USDA estimates and reports relating to acreage and production of crops, livestock inventories, livestock products, stocks of agricultural commodities, values of farm products, prices received by farmers, crop development and condition reports, and other subjects. U.S. and state agricultural statistics are published nationally in NASS Agricultural Statistics Board reports and are summarized locally in state-level reports throughout the year.

These reports include:

  • Minnesota Weekly Crop Progress and Condition Report - Issued weekly during the growing season, this report follows crop progress and provides weekly temperature and precipitation data. Issued monthly during the winter.
  • Minnesota Agri-View - A comprehensive farm newsletter covering planting reports, monthly and annual crop production, grain stocks, cattle, hogs, monthly milk output, farm income and expenses, current and outlook information, economic trends, etc. Published 22 times each year.
  • Minnesota Agricultural Statistics Book - Our annual bulletin containing state and county crop and livestock estimates, state data on farm income, land values, number of farms, prices, etc.

Our reports are available through a free e-mail subscription service.

You can subscribe to Minnesota and other States' reports from the NASS web site or our reports are available on our web site.

Last Modified: 10/29/2018